By - October 31, 2010

Charlie Sheen and Al Gore: More similar than you think

As we Republicans are getting ready to mow over the Democrats like fresh grass on Tuesday, I thought it would be a fun diversion to compare Charlie and Al, who were both back at being incredible dumb_______well, you know what the blank is.

On the subject of leaving the car running:

Charlie Sheen leaves the car running while mixing his drugs and alcohol with a spoon.

Al Gore leaves the car running WHILE GIVING A SPEECH TO THE SWEDISH PARLIAMENT ON CLIMATE CHANGE!!  They both broke many laws in the process.  Charlie- illicit drugs and Al- in Sweden you cannot leave the car running more than 1 minutes.

They like to trash stuff (or ecosystems!):

Charlie Sheen trashes his hotel room to the tune of $12,000 this week, tying the record set by Kid Rock for a single hotel trashing instant.

Al Gore tells us not to trash the planet, but then has the largest electric bill in the State of Tennessee, tying the record set by his Dad!  I do not even need to mention the private aircraft that he rents as opposed to public transportation.

They froth at the mouth:

Charlie Sheen froths at the mouth from too much mixing of drugs and alcohol, which made him foam like a dog.  He then proceeds to lecture the world on how President Bush single handily brought down the twin towers all the while he was the dumbest President ever.  Charlie’s dad played a President on t.v. and that’s all we need to know.

Al Gore froths at the mouth when around massage therapists in Portland Oregon, and claims the dumbest President was selected and not elected.

They both ran up large tabs:

Charlie Sheen for the aforementioned hotel looting, cost of police time and the extra money that David Letterman had to pay his scriptwriters.

Al Gore for flying Swedish Government Jet instead of taking the public transportation like he was asked to do…and yet he didn’t get fined for breaking the law TWICE while he was there.

They will be both forgiven by TV Hosts:

Both will go on TV to ask for forgiveness:  Charlie Sheen to save his TV Show and Al Gore because he misses being on TV.

If these two guys could start a garage sale and sell all of their bad decisions, we would have quite a sale.

On a side note, Joe Biden hasn’t said much publically since the “$200 Billion Dollar” comment about the Republican Spending.  I’m sure the Jam of the Week will resume after they take the gag out of his mouth on November 3rd.  Go Huskers.  Have a great weekend!

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