By - October 6, 2010

Communist Rally In D.C.

Not to be outdone by Glenn Becks’ Restoring Honor rally in D.C. on 8-28, One Nation jumped into the D.C. rally business.

The Restoring Honor rally garnered hundreds of thousands of participants, while One Nations’ rally rustled up hundreds of people. Compare the photos in this link, see what you think.

We know that the Restoring Honor rally was attended by people who would most likely be aligned with the Tea Party, or at least being of the same ideology. Who were the people in attendance at the One Nation rally?

The One Nation Rally was supported by a number of groups, who bused in many of their own supporters. Here is a list of the main groups who supported this rally:

1) International Socialist Organization


3) Democrat Socialists of America

     a) Chicago Democrat Socialists of America

     b) New York City Democrat Socialists of America


5) La Raza (a group pushing for amnesty of illegal aliens)


7) UAW (United Auto Workers: The union responsible for the down fall of the American automaker. Now proudly standing up for workers of Chrysler who smoke pot and get drunk on their lunch hours. Want a Chrysler made product now?)

8 ) SEIU (A teachers union. You remember these guys, they will punch you in the face if you protest health care, or bite your finger off, but only if your elderly)

9) American Federation of Teachers

I was not surprised by the number of unions involved in this communist rally, but I find it disturbing that two main teachers unions were represented here. What are they teaching our children?

View the videos here. These videos are scary because apparently there are a number of people in this great country who are communist, and therefore you can say they hate America as it is.




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