By - October 3, 2010

Crazy Joe Biden’s Jam of the Month Club

Joe Biden, to me as a conservative columnist/mocker of all things Democratic, confirms my belief in a creator. He is the gift that keeps on giving.  Crazy Joe actually makes me think there is a Santa Claus everytime he opens his yapper.

His latest gaffe occurred in our home state, Nebraska, this past week. While stumping for Democratic candidate Mike White, Biden states that if Republican Congressman is reelected our country would “…go back to a time before we got into this mess!”  Go to the Lincoln Journal Star to read the full story.

Isn’t that what we want?!  Go back to a pre-recession environment.  Hearken back to a time of 5 or 6% employment.  Bring an environment back where companies are actually willing to spend money knowing that Crazy Joe and President Obama have less of an impact.   Crazy Joe helps his Democratic Party about as much as Cousin Eddie did for Clark Griswold in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  However, he is absolute gold for us at the Red State Report.

On that note, we at the Red State Report are proud to introduce a new feature:  Crazy Joe’s Jam of the Month Club. Eddie, in the movie, told Clark that his gift of the Jelly of the Month club was the gift that kept on giving all year long!

We are confident that Joe’s big mouth will do the same for us at the Red State Report.  Stay tuned…knowing Crazy Joe, we should have another feature ready by tomorrow afternoon!

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