By - October 9, 2010

Crazy Joe Biden’s Jam of the Week Club October 9th

Crazy Joe Biden at it again!

Sitting down with my morning cup of “Joe” (in this case…a Diet Mountain Dew), I see that another Joe is waking my head up from a good nights sleep.  You see, we have two sick kids in our household right now, so I collapsed from exhaustion last night.  However, I can always count on the makers of Pepsi/Diet Mountain Dew and our Vice President to get my juices going, no matter how tired.

Crazy Joe Biden was up in Washington State earlier this week, campaigning for Patty Murray.  Ms. Murray is running for one of the Senate up there.  (On a side note, the Nebraska Cornhuskers crushed the Washington Huskies 3 weeks ago in Washington.  There’s no political value to that statement, it’s just fun to talk about!)

Anyway, Joe delivers this Jam of the Week, in which he says that “…if we lose, we are going to raise hell” in trying to keep the middle class alive.  In the context of the rest of this segment, it comes so far out of right field, it would have made any throw made by Bo Jackson (who played center field) look like a little league warm up toss.  I wish I could show you this throw, but the MLB and NFL have seen fit to make us pay for it!

The rest of this segment is typical Democratic diatribe about the great team Patty has built (which is why she is now trailing her Republican opponent Rossi significantly in most impartial polls), what the middle class is in his eyes, rather than what the economists say it is, etc.

(On yet another side note, due to the fact that Crazy Joe gave us four or five great choices, we’ve decided to change the name to the Jam of the Week Club.  We are fully confident that we might even come up with two “Jams” a week between now and election day!)

Then, at the end, he makes this statement.  It doesn’t make any sense in the context in which he said it and really doesn’t make any sense grammatically.  However, this is why we love him at the Red State Report and will miss him when he is gone after 2012.  Watch the Video from which our Washington Apple Jam came from. Have a great weekend!

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