By - October 14, 2010

Democrats to Military;You Can Fight But You Can’t Vote

There are a great number of brave men and women serving overseas risking life and limb for their country. These individuals have the respect of most all Americans, except some officials in the Democrat run states of New York and Illinois.

Despite the passage of Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE), this seeks to ensure the enfranchisement of overseas ballots, New York and Illinois are running blatantly afoul of this new law.  These two states have not sent out their absentee ballots overseas yet, which according to MOVE they were required to do so 45 days prior to the election so as to eliminate the chances of certain states not counting them because the ballots were late.

New York and Illinois are further ignoring this law because the law takes into account states sending ballots out late. According to MOVE, if states fail to/or send ballots out late, service members are to have the right to use on-line balloting. These two states are obviously avoiding this procedure.  

One might ask; are these two states going to feel the full weight of the US Justice Department upon their shoulders?  If the Justice Department were not run by the partisan Eric Holder, that may be the case. The truth is the DOJ is looking the other way with this election fraud as well as the Black Panther case.  

It would seem election fraud can only occur if you are a member of a minority race, which is unless you are a minority dutifully serving in the United States Armed Forces.

This is one of the most damning examples of why Americans should no longer trust or vote for Democrats. When you seek to disenfranchise our brave military members you should no longer hold any elected office, even the office of dog catcher.

To America, our service members embody greatness, selflessness, honor and courage. To the Democrats in power, our service members embody a potential Republican vote, so they need to be forgotten.

In November I am hoping to forget….hoping to forget the Democrats.

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  1. This “article” is such an epic failure that it’s hilarious.

    Fact: Your article asserts that it is the fault of Democrats (rather than overworked bureaucrats) that the ballots weren’t sent out, without any evidence that that is true.

    Fact: The Justice Department *has* sued New York (as stated in one of the very articles you quoted) over the violation, and is investigating Illinois (as was also stated in that story). You seem to have conveniently ignored this so as to blame the Democrats.

    Fact: You claimed that the Justice Department was “looking the other way” and linked to a news story as though it were evidence. Subfact: This article is months old and wildly expands on innocent comments made by a DOJ employee to allege a massive conspiracy. Sub-subfact: Fox did do its best to cloud the truth in that story, so you can’t really be held responsible. Sub-subfact: That article is irrelevant to your point, and the citation to it is deceptive.

    Fact: As both articles you cited about state violations stated, one of the people raising a ruckus about this is Sen. Schumer (a Democrat, if you’ve forgotten.)

    Is it too much to expect a retraction or defense?

  2. Skip Chatterson says:

    Dear Andrew MacKie-Mason ,
    A retraction or apology will have to wait.
    Fact: I asserted ballots were not sent out on time in areas that are curiouosly predominantly Democrat. This is TRUE. New York are Illinios are predominantly Democrat and they are the only states to have this problem, so claiming they had overworked beaucrats is making excuses for them. All other states had no problems getting their ballots out on time. It’s re-election time so Schumer has to do some thing. It’s the military, he can’t look bad there. Excuse me if I’m cynical when it comes to Schumer

    Yes, the DOJ is finally sueing. The problem in New York was evident months ago, which brings up the question; if they knew it was a problem months ago, why did they not correct it then? Then you have the DOJ. You will excuse me if I don’t believe the Holder lead DOJ will give this a half-hearted attempt.

    You mock the Black Panther issue, as if it is not an issue and Fox News is creating this issue. I will ask you to read a comment left on the Black Panther article by a Red State Report reader. This reader was at that polling booth and describes what happened there. If this is Fox News driven and the DOJ is doing it’s job, why have they dropped the Black Panther suit? The evidence is clearly there.

    I’m waiting for this to play out. I am mindful of all the dead people and cartoon characters who registered to vote, thanks to ACORN who is still out there by other names, in 2008, so I’m a little leery this election cycle.

  3. Let me disabuse you of a few notions. First, the areas that failed to send out their ballots were not all controlled by the Democratic Party. If you read past the headline in the Fox story, you’ll learn that only a few specific areas in New York failed: New York City (whose mayor was a Republican for six years and then an Independent,) Erie County (whose County Executive is a Republican), Niagra County (the Republican party has 11 of the 19 seats in the legislature, which picks the head of government and the county manager; the majority caucus includes the Republicans as well as four other conservatives), Putnam County (which has had a Republican County Executive since 1987 and whose legislature is currently 15-1 in favor of Republicans), and Westchester County (which has a Republican county executive.)

    The news story about Illinois doesn’t say which specific jurisdictions failed, because the investigation is still underway. Until that investigation is complete, it’s impossible to say whether it’s Republicans or Democrats who failed to mail the ballots. I do notice that you ignored how one of your stories mentioned that New Mexico had also violated the law and been sued by the DOJ. But maybe that’s because the DOJ came up with a settlement that would force them to comply (and because this FOX story mentioned a “string of enforcement actions” by the DOJ http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/10/13/doj-files-act-lawsuits/), and that didn’t fit with your narrative. Here are the counties in New Mexico that failed to send out ballots: Curry (Republican County Clerk), Los Alamos (5/7 members of the council are Republicans), McKinley County (here we go! one that finally seems to be predominantly Democratic!), Rio Arriba County (another Democratic one), Sandoval County (another Democratic one), Taos County (huh, another Democratic one.) That’s odd. It looks like a lot of Democratic-leaning counties, and some Republican ones, in New Mexico got sued by the Department of Justice which reached a settlement which satisfied Fox News and the Military Voter Protection Project. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/10/13/doj-files-act-lawsuits/ I guess that didn’t fit too well with your narrative?

    So, will you admit that the county governments at fault here aren’t just part of some massive Democratic conspiracy? Or are you going to say that that one Democrat in Putnam County hoodwinked the rest of the County Government and is solely responsible for the ballots not being sent out?

    Also, fail on pretending that New York and Illinois are the only states that didn’t follow the law. I would recommend taking a look at this letter from the Military Voter Protection Project: http://www.mvpproject.org/documents/2010.09.27HolderLetter.pdf. (By the way, it commends California for its excellent work on MOVE, and last I checked California isn’t the most Republican of states. Oh, and Colorado too: Democratic Governor, Senate, and House.) But in broader terms, that letter undermines your claim that this is *only* happening in New York and Illinois.

    You claim that New York’s problem was evident “months” ago, but that’s impossible. First of all, because they couldn’t possibly be in violation until 45 days before the election, which is just over one month ago. And even more so because New York received a waiver from the requirements (I believe because their primary was very close to the deadline, so they couldn’t send out the ballots that quickly) until October 1st. So, they were only in violation on October 1st, the DOJ knew about it by October 5th, and there was a lawsuit filed before October 13th. Is that your version of “months”?

    Oh, and for more on how the DOJ isn’t doing “nothing,” check this out: they’ve also sued Guam and Washington.

    Your thing about Schumer demonstrates clear bias and a lack of any sort of journalistic ethic. You were free to bring him up and then say you didn’t believe him, but the fact that you didn’t even mention Schumer shows that you didn’t want your readers to know about him, because he contradicted your “carefully” constructed narrative.

    All in all, what you’re left with as an attempted defense in your comment is circular logic, while quietly dropping some of the claims in your original post. You’ve backed away from your claim that the DOJ is doing nothing (because obviously, they’re doing a lot), and now your logic has become this:

    Democrats are bad, because they are trying to disenfranchise the military. The Democratic DOJ won’t do much to stop this, even though they’re suing. I know they won’t do enough, because Democrats are bad.

    That’s really all you have left to stand on.

  4. Skip Chatterson says:

    I mentioned that the states involved were under Democrat control. When the original story was written the specific counties were not investigated yet just as they are not investigated in Illinois yet. As well the finding that New Mexico is also being sued was not readily available at that time.

    The information about New York was out there before the Oct 1st deadline because they knew they were not going to be able to make the deadline. I did not write about that because it did not surprise me.

    I commend California for being on top of it, but then, as many problems as that state has it has never to my recollection had many problems with election fraud (I would have to investigate the possiblities of illegal aliens voting there though).

    The DOJ is still bad. They sued the Black Panthers as well, then dropped it. I am keeping my eye on them.

    Democrat voters are not bad, but the Democrat machine is, especially during election time, ex. Minnesota ala Al Franken, and the history of other candidates who tried to disenfrancise the military http://www.congress.org/congressorg/bio/userletter/?letter_id=5929777346, and Al Gore http://old.nationalreview.com/babbin/babbin200408190823.asp. The list could go on, but I wont.

    Don’t get me wrong the Republican party isn’t much better in it’s machine, it just doesn’t try to actively throw out military votes, because the majority of those votes are for the Republicans.

    I am for turning over Washington, entirely. Bring in new faces that are not career politicians.

  5. I find it hard to believe that the specific counties in New York were not available, since they were stated in a letter on October 5th, which is quoted in the October 10th Fox article that YOU linked to in your October 14th post. It seems that you either didn’t read the story fully or missed it. Of course, I’m not going to claim that you willfully ignored the information about the specific counties in New York, since I don’t know whether that’s true or not. But, now that you’ve been informed, can I trust that you will edit your original story or post a correction to the effect that many of the counties who failed to obey the law are Republican counties?

    Likewise, the fact that New Mexico had been sued was stated in an article that YOU linked to about Illinois. It’s possible that Fox and the Mark Levin Show both edited their posts without explicitly saying so, but that seems unlikely. Or by “not readily available” do you mean “not in the headline”?

    Oh, and by the way, if you understood how ballots worked you wouldn’t have thought that the state governments were relevant: ballot mailing is always done by county (or even smaller subunits of government), not by the state, since everyone’s ballots are different depending on their precinct. Thus, your suppositions about who “controlled the state” were irrelevant and unethical innuendo that, in reality, did nothing to support your argument.

    It doesn’t even seem like you’re attempting to defend the claim that Democrats purposefully disenfranchised the military anymore. Are you still claiming that, or will you admit that you were wrong to suggest that this is an example of Democrats deliberately disenfranchising anyone? (Of course, beyond all the other errors I’ve pointed out, you’ve never presented *any* evidence whatsoever to support the claim that any of this was deliberate.) If you do admit that, I would expect an ethical person to either retract or correct their original story.

    If you want to discuss anything going on with the Black Panthers situation, that’s a different discussion. It’s one I’m willing to have, once I’m up to speed on it, but you’ll notice that I never actually made any claims about it (because *I* don’t like to make claims about things I haven’t fully researched). However, if your only argument to demonstrate mismanagement by the DOJ in this case is alleged mismanagement in that case, it should be apparent even to you how flawed your case is. That’s like me saying a few years ago that “the Bush administration lied about the presence of WMDs in Iraq, thus they’re probably planning to secretly invade Iran without Congressional approval.” Without *any* evidence to support the conclusion, a “prior bad acts” argument just falls flat on its face.


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