By - October 4, 2010

Eliot Spitzer and more of Matty’s Corralled Thoughts

Random thoughts… Former Governor Eliot Spitzer debuts his new show on CNN tonight. Mr. Spitzer, known as client #9 to over 75 call girls, will have a Cross-Fire type show with self appointed “rational conservative” Kathleen Parker. Spitzer or as I like to call him “Love Potion” will offer political insight, dating tips, as well as financial advice as to when to use cash or write out a check for certain party favors and gifts. Love Potion was quoted in a Parade Magazine interview on how the world needed Obama- especially to tell us “here is what we owe each other” and continue to spread the wealth. Love Potion knows a thing or two about spreading the wealth- he certainly gave to everyone at the Manhattan Madam’s house…..

Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Elana Kagan has recused herself in 25 of the 51 cases the court has accepted so far this term. Kagan sites a conflict of interest in which she played a role, when she was solicitor general, in drafting a brief for the Supreme Court in 24 of those cases. The 25th case? She wants off to celebrate International Workers’ Day… Rep. (D-Mich) lost his driver’s license temporarily after the Judiciary Committee chairman wrote and bounced a check.  These things happen when congressmen run out of other people’s money and have to use their own…

Team USA has lost the Ryder Cup, to the Europeans, again in golf today despite having the top two ranked golfers in the world (Woods, Michelson). Michelson’s play was abysmal but at least Tiger won all of his matches he played.  The amazing part is he did it with half the clubs he had at this time last year…

Watching Gregory Peck in, To Kill A Mockingbird, last night had me wondering if real leading men like him, or Robert Mitchum, would ever allow themselves to be filmed with their chest hair shaved, like today’s leading men in those Twilight movies. Something ain’t quite right with monsters of today and their metro-sexualness. Imagine being chased by a werewolf that looked like he was involved in a bad electrolysis accident.  You would not know whether to continue running or start pruning.  A compromise between Robin Williams and Taylor Lautner is much appreciated.

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  1. Lizzy Walters says:

    Always a pleasure to read Matty’s witty assessment on so many subjects…LOVED the Spitzer piece. 🙂 I really miss the leading men of the past as well.

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