By - October 1, 2010

Enthusiasm Gap For Conservatives?

Enthusiasm gap, just who does it affect?  Extreme left wing blogs would have you believe the lack of enthusiasm is with the Tea Party. Daily Kos (nearly communist blog, one of many left wing blogs we at Red State Report read, so you don’t have to) lamented:  

Last week, organizers of the tea party convention canceled their event due to a lack of interest. They had already postponed it once due to slow ticket sales (see below). So much for the “enthusiasm gap.”Daily Kos goes on to write, “Despite Because of their insanity, all three tea party candidates won Republican primaries. They are the new faces of the Republican Party, and it’s up to us to stop them.”

It would appear the Socialist blogs are not the only ones dancing over this cancellation. When one Googles “cancelled Tea Party” a snippet from CBS reads, “I am so sorry the baggers had to cancel their party.” This quote must have been removed from the body of the story, as the story doesn’t have the derogatory term in it.

Just what is it that has the main stream (left wing) press all excited? The conference that was cancelled was from an organization known as Tea Party Nation. This organization is different from the more well known Tea Party Patriots, which is the face of the Tea Party.

Tea Party Nation failed for organizational reasons as well trying to charge upwards of $549 to attend the event.

The Tea Party Nation is a social Internet network. The question is just how credible is this organization? Are they riding on the coat tails of the better known Tea Party Patriots? I do not know the answer to these questions, but I had never heard of the Tea Party Nation, so I will assume their convention was cancelled due to lack of knowledge of their existence.

The media picked up on this but ignored the problem President Obama faced. The President couldn’t sell out a fund-raiser in a 600 seat room, in New York City. Organizers were forced to reduce ticket prices down to $50 just to get slightly over 300 people to attend.

Obama’s administration had to make the enthusiasm gap look small by taking the President to the University of Wisconsin’s campus, Madison Wisconsin. Of course, the nickname for Madison is “The Peoples Republic of Wisconsin”.  There are not many more socialist cities in America.

We have a chance to change liberal Washington on both sides of the isle come November, so stay engaged, stay active, and stay informed, and we here at Red State Report will do our job to help.

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