By - October 3, 2010

KISS This Reality!

It has often been said that Hollywood is out of touch politically with the people who buy their product. Just like Obama with the rest of the American people.

What terrible fate must await when Shock Rocker and KISS front man Gene Simmons tells the democratic establishment they are, in a word, screwed and that he, in two words, is pissed.

Who knew that Doctor Love had a conservative tilt?  Simmons told Fox News, “I am fiscally and in terms of foreign policy, very conservative. Like everybody, we want to pay less taxes not more. Simmons also mentioned that he is taking the Tea Party very seriously, “You have to take any movement that expresses the will of the public seriously. You can’t point to any direction and say ‘this is nonsense’ because the people who are involved in any movement, are doing it because they believe,” he explained.

“Who am I to say that what they’re doing is right or wrong? At the end of the day, no matter what anyone believes in, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, you have the opportunity to vote, and express your feelings.” 

This experienced Rocker pulls no punches for either side of the aisle; his voting habits are eclectic as he has voted for Clinton, Bush and then Obama as he searches for somebody who truly will try to solve problems. He has advice for both Democrats and Republicans:   

I resent the fact that the Democrats are making fun of the Tea Party , and likewise, I don’t like the Republicans making fun of Democrats. Basically, shut up; don’t tell me what’s wrong with the other party. Tell me what you’re going to do for me, then I’ll let you know who I’m going to vote for,” he told us. “This is why America is like me – sometimes Republicans get in, sometimes Democrats get in. As soon as one messes up, we throw them out. Watch what’s going to happen this election.” 

You can’t paraphrase anger, so please, take a read of the excerpts from an interview Fox News did earlier this week. Even I, Dark Lord of the Schwartz, would be trembling in fear if Doctor Love had his spikey shoulder-pads pointed my way!

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