By - October 20, 2010

Myth Busted

The day of the 69th anniversary of the “Day of Infamy” speech, our president will be appearing on one of my family’s favorite programs. On December 8th, BHO will be appearing on an episode of “Mythbusters”. What is a mythbuster? It is a t.v. show that displays two guys, Adam and Jamie, that have over 25 years of special effect experience. Their mission of each episode is to review and approve/disprove old ‘wives’ tales, rumors, and fables that have gotten passed along in movies, print, or orated throughout history. They will test each myth and decide if the myth is confirmed, busted, or plausible. One such example- can a fake shark really explode, from an oxygen tank as seen in the movie “Jaws”, when it is struck by a bullet.

Obama announced his television appearance while the White House was hosting a science fair on Monday. This particular episode will review the Greek mathematician Archimedes, who legend says helped destroy the Roman fleet during the Siege of Syracuse in ancient Greece . Obama specifically challenged the show to explore was the fable that Archimedes used a “death ray” to blind the Roman fleet into submission. According to legend, a concoction of mirrors was pointed out to sea which powerfully reflected the sun back into the Roman sailors eyes. This part of Greek history is legend, of course, but I can not help to observe that Obama believes that providing universal healthcare will not raise your taxes one dime. That is some smoke mirrors the Mythbusters should be exploring, but why waste time on a myth that has already been busted.

We are regular viewers of “Mythbusters” and I doubt this will be an episode that we will watch. I am suffering from Obama fatigue. He has graced so many magazine covers, including Golf Digest (yes, I cancelled my subscription after he was on it), and he has been on so many television shows that if he put half his Hollywood effort, golfing and fundraising prowlessness into the economy, we might not be at 15% real unemployment.

FDR had the benefit of the enemy exposing itself to the American people in the form of one grandeur event. He said “the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked…” FDR went on the say “No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.”
I don’t expect a “Mythbuster” episode on whether or not a socialist is running the country and occupying the White House. I know that one is plausible.  The myth of hope and change has been busted too. Be vigilant and remember our victory will come to us at the ballot box in November.

P.S. In the episode about “Jaws”, it doesn’t explode.

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