By - October 31, 2010

Retract Article? Nah, Dems Still Cheat.

One week ago a Red State Report reader, Andrew, wanted me to retract one of my stories,   Democrats To Military; You Can Fight But You Can’t Vote . Andrew stated that it was not just New York and Illinois who were disenfranchising the military, that many other states were guilty of violating the MOVE Act. Andrew defended Dems by offering up New Mexico as another state that violated MOVE, instead of what I thought was just a two state problem. New Mexico was another example of a Democrat run state (Gov Bill Richardson, and Sec. of State Mary Herrera both Democrats) that was being sued by the DOJ. Thank you Andrew for pointing out the fact, I missed some Democrat states.

Updates show that I cannot retract my article. New Mexico has made arrangements to get the military members overseas their ballots, as has the Republican run districts in the state of New York. New York City, however, is still in violation of the MOVE act. Andrew pointed out that New York City has a mayor who once was Republican (Mayor Bloomberg) but is now Independent. That is the funniest assertion I have heard this week. Everybody knows that Bloomberg was a Democrat before he ran for NYC’s mayor, and continues to act like a Liberal Democrat. NYC is disenfranchising around 50,000 of their own military members.

New York had an excuse of sorts; the state held its primary on September 14th, with the deadline for the absentee ballots being sent out set at September 15th.  The ballots couldn’t be printed until each primary race was certified.  For that very reason, the DoJpressured states into moving their primary dates back, and a few complied, such as Minnesota. Yet, as far as I can find most of the state of New York with the exception of NYC are now compliant.

Illinois not only is still in violation of MOVE (which had its primary in February) as far as I can find, but Cook County (Chicago) has made sure to take 2,600 ballots to the prisons even though they were not requested while they disenfranchise around 2,600 of their military members overseas.

Andrew was also defending Eric Holders Dept of Justice, and I will agree that the DOJ has sued many other states for possibly violating MOVE, and many of those states have come into compliance. I will hold off on total agreement with Andrew though until I see what the DOJ does to Illinois and New York.

When it comes to the military I will be a stubborn defender of their rights to vote, and I will continue to shed the light on any disenfranchisement. Yes, Andrew, I did miss other states that were not in compliance with MOVE, but most of them have come into compliance. I do hope the DOJ will be serious about these infractions in New York and particularly Illinois, but I’m not holding my breath.

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