By - October 26, 2010

Sen. Boxer Spoof Video

David Zucker famed producer of such classics as “The Kentucky Fried Movie, Airplane, Top Secret, Naked Gun, Naked Gun 2 1/2, Scary Movie 3, and Scary Movie 4“, has “worked hard” to  jump into the political ring once again.

David, unlike his co-producing brother, has seen the light and became a conservative and political activist since 2004.  His brother Jerry, is still wondering in the dark, a hopeless liberal.

Remember Sen Boxer asking a Brigadier General to call her “Senator” instead of Ma’am? David Zucker’s films are famous for featuring puns, slapstick and lots of visual gags. He has taken that situation and made a spoof from it combining that with a campaign commerical in a way only a Zucker can do.  Can you imagine how much time and film it would take to make a parody about every stupid action a democrat has done while in office the last two years?  It would rival those old  “epic”  (Ohlahoma!, Ben-Hur) films where you have a couple 10 minute intermissions where the projectionist would have to change the multiple reels.

Mr. Zucker has chosen an easy target.  Sen. Boxer is in a cage match for re-election.  Videos, such as this, seldom sway those ever vigilant middle of the road political types.  But they do serve as a reminder of how the powerful have gone mad with power.  If only the Zucker brothers could have made the Matrix, then at least there would be an option for us to chose a red pill or blue pill.  We at the Red State Report have swallowed the red one, and like the hero Neo- we are pursuing the answers at all cost.


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