By - October 21, 2010

Which Is Better, Free Markets Or Socialism? Watch The Video

Author: Wayne Schmid

Everyone in the Obama administration should view this posted video. The video posted here is from the Phil Donahue show, where Phil interviewed Milton Friedman an accomplished economist.

Phil Donahue had a very liberal tilt. Mr. Donahue felt guilty about being born in America,  talking about the accident of his birth and how unfair it was; that if he had been born 50 miles to the south in Mexico, what a rotten life he would have had.  And how is it fair that people born mere miles from the US border are consigned to rotten lives and we, born in this country, are not.  He felt guilty about it. 

Liberals tend to feel guilty for what they have, or what we the American people have, and seek to equalize everybody, through re-distribution.

Conservatives feel for those that have less, and seeks to make their lives better by teaching them ways to make life better. Free markets are the basis for better lives according to conservatives. Taking from those that have and giving to those that do not, is the answer for liberals.

The following clip helps to put the differences in ideology in perspective.  Mr. Friedman gives Phil Donahue and the audience some things to think about.


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  1. Mark M says:

    You said “Everyone in the Obama administration should view this posted video”. I fear you make the assumption that anyone there would understand what Mr. Friedman is saying, or more importantly, care. The simple answer is “they don’t” to both.

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