By - November 2, 2010

Hey Liberals, We Are Taking Our Country Back!

I heard this quote a little over a week ago and I am going to steal it. YOU WERE BORN AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY FOR A REASON. I stole that from Glenn Beck, but think about that statement.  Go through history now with that statement in mind.  Where would we be if people such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, George Patton, Ronald Reagan and other important historical figures were not born when and they were?

Now think about the people who affected American history, whose names are not known.  Every great figure in history needed help from many people who remain nameless in history.

Without our Founding Fathers would America be what it is today?  Without Abraham Lincoln and the few great Union Generals would America be as great and as free as it is for ALL people in America?  Without the great Generals and soldiers of WWII would we still be free?

Everybody was placed at a certain point in history, to affect history, for a reason pre-ordained by our Creator.

God placed the Founding Fathers in the 18th Century to ensure the birth of this great nation, he placed Lincoln and all the Union Generals in the 19th Century to bring about freedom for all people in America, to make sure America would be the great nation it was going to need to be in the future.  God placed the correct people in history in the early 20th Century to do what only America could do…keep the world free, from WWII to the Cold War.  God put America at this point in history for a reason, to be a beacon of freedom, hope and to be that shining city on top of the hill.

We are in the 21st Century now and YOU were put here to affect history. America isn’t the same today as it was just 20 years ago.  This country, that I so firmly believe was ordained to exist by God to help the entire world, is on the road to mediocrity or worse.  WE were put here to affect history. You may think you are just one person and you may feel insignificant, but remember behind all great people in history are many other un-named people who were very significant in allowing that history to be made. We can and will affect history on November 2ndObama once said “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” in his narcissistic way.  This statement may be more grandiose, but WE are the ones God has been waiting for.  We were born into this time in history for a reason and we must begin to fulfill that reason on Election Day. Let’s begin to show all the Democrats and establishment Republicans what that reason is…the continuation of a Constitutional Republic.  Go Tea Party Patriots.

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