By - November 2, 2010

My Day of Gloating as a Republican!

While my other cohorts in crime have all given great thoughts (Skip), exhortations (Mike) or just plain funny (Matthew), I thought I would give you my day today.

8:04…Voted.  In Nebraska, a Democrat (Kickback Nelson excluded) stands as much chance of winning as I do playing in the NBA.  (I’m 5’9″, paunchy and bald as a cue ball).  Was happy to see the amendment for making the budget biennial.  If passed, this will save the city of Lincoln thousands of dollars each year.  Only race really worth watching in Nebraska is Terry versus White in the Omaha District.  Lee Terry wins once again!

8:38.  Bring back pops, turn on Fox on the TV and start working.

9:00  Typing you fine folks.  If the Republicans are to have a huge night (we already know it’s going to be big), John Scott from South Carolina will be in a state of shock by the time our election party begins.  He’s the chair of the budget committee.  In layman’s terms, he gets to play with the world’s largest pile of Monopoly money.  While typing this, I just heard some Democrat Hack state that they will retain majorities in both houses.  This is the same guy who still tells his teenage kids that Santa Claus exists!

9:15  Publish and resume work.  Looking forward to tonight.  Brit Hume is on all day today.  Makes me happy.

3:00.  Kids get home and we explain the election process.  My oldest daughter was the chair of their elections this year.  Both kids have asked me why we can’t vote Obama out now.  Ahh….could I be a prouder father?  After we get this done, back to work and FOX TV.

5:00  My wife is preparing the cheese and sausage tray and chips and dip that I will be taking over.  I will take the first of two 5 Hour Energy Drinks in order for me to get through to 1:00 this morning.  The first of the exit polls, while not released to the public, will no doubt have been shown to the anchors.  Brian Williams is usually a pretty good poker player.  Katie Couric, on the other hand, will have laughing gas on hand to keep her from crying.

6:00.  We will be having supper.  I usually skip this because of the party, but because our party starts later, I will be picking at my food while we talk about our day.  6:15, I go to my TV as momentum for the evening starts picking up.  Keith Olbermann’s hair will have started to lose it’s shape in spite of all of the hairspray from all of his fretting

8:00.  I leave for the party.  Rachel Maddow will have tried to say something funny (which she never does anyway) and takes a cheap shot at the stupid electorate.  Joe Scott and some Pennsylvania Democrats will be talking about what a great campaign they ran, but…

8:15.  Settled in with our laptops in hand, the Red State Report gang will be watching the elections while eating lots of good food.  I will have a beer, but keep the 5 hour energy drinks at hand because it is going to be a long, but great night for conservatives.  Most pundits are now conceding 55 seats, which means that we could get between 60 and 70 in the House.  I believe the Senate will be a virtual draw.

Considering where we were at in 2010, this is great.  Onward to 2012 and getting Herr Obama out of office.  Have a great day.

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