By - November 5, 2010

Where Do We Go Now? Steam Straight Ahead

In the afterglow of a huge Republican win on Tuesday night, some are trying to blunt the impact or the meaning of the win.

Some people, reportedly, on both sides of the isle are downplaying the effect the Tea Party and Sarah Palin had on the election. There are rumblings about those who lost senate seats, Angle of Nevada, Ken Buck of Colorado, Dino Rossi of Washington, and O’Donnell of Delaware were evidence of the failures of the Tea Party.

Certainly Buck, Angle and Rossi were a surprise, but then a story hits the wire today suggesting the NRSC (National Republic Senatorial Committee) spend a large portion of its money and energy in the Senate race for Carly Fiorina, a candidate who was not supported by the Tea Party.  The NRSC spent more time in California at the added risk in places such as Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Alaska and other states with Tea Party support, in order to swing for the fences and go for the Senate majority.

The truth is the Tea Party was very successful in governorships, the US congress, state houses, and yes, the US Senate.

The Republican Party should thank the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for giving average Americans a chance to voice their opinions and gather together in an impromptu support group for those who felt they had no voice in politics anymore. The Tea Party gave conservatives of all stripes and colors the courage to stand up and swear to be heard, by a government who clearly wasn’t listening.

Sarah Palin gave the Tea Party the star power it needed to get press attention. Palin’s power also probably helped blunt the false attacks of racism. Love her or hate her, most people would have a hard time believing Palin is a hateful lady, and that may have helped the Tea Party by association.

Both Democrats and the establishment Republicans want to stop Palin and the Tea Party, because the Tea Party is beginning to transform the Republican party into the peoples party, the way the Founders hoped politics in America would be. The establishment Dems and Republicans are far too tied to the power they get from Washington to listen to the American people and Tea Party candidates threaten both of them. I am encouraged by the speeches made by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. It appears these men realize that Tuesday night was not about putting Republicans in power as much as it was taking power away from the arrogant Democrats and restoring America to its Constitutional roots.

The work really begins now! Those Tea Party supported new members to government are going to experience road blocks at every turn, from Democrats and the establishment Republicans. The Tea Party, Sarah Palin, you and I have to continue to rally behind conservatism and work to get more like-minded people in all levels of government. Tuesday was a good start, but it is only the beginning. It will take time and patients to turn the country around and put it back on the tracks to being exceptional. The liberals were very patient, taking decades to get their judges on benches, and liberalism spread throughout the educational system. If the liberals can do that, we can take it back. Be patient, but by all means, KEEP STEAMING FORWARD!

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