By - November 21, 2010

Which Conference Has The Worst Referees?

I have wanted to do this poll for a while, but the Texas A&M-Nebraska game answers this poll for me.  The phantom personal foul calls against Eric Martin, to the A&M receiver all over Nebraska’s cornerbacks back and the corner getting the interference call, to the roughing the passer call when Courtney Osbourne didn’t even take one step before hitting the QB,  there were many more bad calls, just too numerous to list.  There were good calls as well, Martinez obviously threw an intentional ground, so this isn’t a Husker fan just upset his team lost.  This is about how NU lost, the phantom calls on three consecutive 3rd downs allowing A&M to score is unconscionable.

You tell me, Who are the Worst Referees in College Football? Do the worst refs come from the Big 10, SEC, Pac 10, ACC, or the Big XII?

My vote goes to Dan Beebe’s friends in stripes.

Please tell me the Big 10 referees are better than the Big XII.  I can not say this any louder…I can not wait until Nebraska is out of this Big Texas conference


Watch the first video.  This is truly what refs do to other certain teams…say like Nebraska.


I would pay Taylor Martinez if he would actually make the passes Adam Sandler did in The Longest Yard.


The last video is a classic video, Nebraska vs. Penn State 1982.

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