By - December 22, 2010

A Winter Carterland

It’s that time of year, when winter has settled over most of the lands (in some lands harshly in opposition of the global warmest out there), but this may be Americas winter.

The Carter Administration, in the late 70’s, had set America on a path of a national winter, that didn’t have a thaw until Ronald Reagan was able to implement his policies.

The Obama Administration has been taking the same road as Carter with the exception of extending the Bush tax rates.  Believe me; Obama will set about changing that at the end of the two year extension.  Without the end of the current tax rates, Obama would have raised taxes with his new health care law anyway.

The real Déjà-Vu moment came at the ratification of the START Treaty. Carter continuously bargained and bartered with the Soviet Union giving up a lot of the US nuclear armament with the agreement the Soviets would do the same.  Of course, the Soviets didn’t follow through on their promises and President Carter was left looking like the fool he is.  Reagan changed that as well, walking out on many potential treaties and beginning what is now our defensive missile shield.  These actions brought the Soviets to their financial knees as the Soviet Union could not keep up with America in the arms race.  Having this history to lean on and learn from, the Obama administration has turned proven remedies on their head.  The START Treaty is going back to the 70’s and 80’s and acting as if the Cold War is still being waged and again, as in the Carter years, this treaty is a total win for Russia. They view America as being weak and soft like clay, molded and formed to whatever shape they wish upon us.  Between them and China the floor is starting to look like a bunch of preschoolers just had art class.

START takes the advantages the US has (defensive missile shield) and drops them, while not addressing the overall advantages Russia has over the US.  START also depends on the Russians holding up their part of the deal.  Who believes Putin will keep his word (lets face it, Putin is the de facto leader)?  Remember he was the leader of the KGB during the 80’s and was known to lie, it was the business of the KGB to lie.  To be fair the Senate democrats could not have passed this treaty without nine republican senators helping and they are as follows:

Sen. Robert Corker – Tenn.
Sen. Johnny Isakson – Ga.
Sen. George Voinovich-Ohio
A continual disappointment

Sen. Richard Lugar-Ind. He should have been retired long ago, a great disappointment for Indiana.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski-Ak. No surprise here, she is just another RINO.

Sen. Scott Brown-Mass.

Sen. Olympia Snowe-Maine

Sen. Susan Collins-Maine

Sen. Lamar Alexander

Some of those senators probably sold out to the administration for future favors (this includes the “regular truck driving man” Scott Brown).  Remember to thank these senators come re-election time by retiring these fine people.

Those of you under 40 years of age don’t remember the long lines for gas in the 70’s caused by the fictitious gas shortage, well, Obama is going to create his own gas crisis as he continues to defy a federal judges order to lift the oil drilling moratorium.

The financial reform package will create a tightening of funds to be loaned, just as happened in the 70’s which created  double digit mortgage rates.

Expect the economy to do well in 2011, but with the threat again of higher taxes come 2012 and continuing health care taxation, shorting of the money supply and ever increasing gas prices the economy will have another down turn come 2012.

Welcome to A WinterCart…Obamaland.

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