By - December 7, 2010

Birth Control Advice from Ted Turner

I know there are a lot of other things I should be writing about…the Obama TAX CUT (I like to call it a political life raft), the latest news on Wikileaks leader Julian Assuange or Brett Favre going home to Mississippi to hunt coons and harass women.  However, as usual, a bit more obscure piece of news from a Liberal taking up precious oxygen by opening his mouth caught my eye.

Citing a study by Brian O’Neill from the U.S.’s National Center for Atmospheric Research, Ted Turner is urging a global policy of limiting all families to one child in an attempt to curb gas house emissions by keeping the population down here on planet Earth.  Though Mr. O’Neill states that he is not advocating any side on this issue, that didn’t keep Jane Fonda’s ex from putting his two cents in.

Ted, long known as an extremist on these types of issues – said the environmental stress on the Earth requires radical solutions.  Why is it that we continue to think that we can come up with anything the Earth cannot handle?  Why are some people’s egos so large that they presume, in the face of more and more evidence to the contrary, that we can warm up the Earth any differently than a single volcanic event, let alone the hundreds that occur each year? Ask the people across Europe how Global Warming is working out for them right now!  The older people of Great Britain are actually contributing to “Global Warming” by riding the buses to stay warm.

Buffalo Ted also suggests countries should follow China’s lead in instituting a one-child policy to reduce global population over time.  This is in the face of the humane issues with China’s one child policy, which has led to untold amounts of not only abortions, but also the murder of live children in the past when the “policy” has been violated. Those that opposed it were called “bozos” by Ted.  Ted shares a great Fondness for Castro, like other leftists,  and like him- has never had much use for common sense or facts or paying attention to what a country thinks about their current policy.

This is my favorite part:  He says that fertility rights could be sold so that poor people could profit from their decision not to reproduce. There are no quotes or back ups to this.  Reports have been around for years that Ted is down to his last Billion Dollars.  Perhaps he is trying to create his own franchise.  He could even call it:  Turner’s Destimulus Package.  He could also call it “Pay for no Foreplay” or  one he can steal from Jesse Jackson,” go splatter that baby batter”.

Of course, the hypocrisy of this is that Ted Turner has had 5 kids of his own. I wonder how they feel if Ted wasn’t actually being a hypocrite and practiced what he preached.  4 of them would have been the gleam in his eye.  Maybe the oldest would have liked this as he would have inherited more of the money.  Have a great week!

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  1. tony N says:

    http://t.co/hDNRVgv we the people cannot let these Elites gain world Dominance or they will mow us down like Grass , Stalin’s quote , ” People are like Grass , when its gets too tall you have to mow it down …”

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