By - December 9, 2010

Don’t Look Now, Obama Is A Moderate

Ever feel like the fox is in the hen house? 

I get a little worried when MSNBC has a host who makes sense.  Dec 9th, Lawrence O’Donnell got into a heated debate with the despicable Alan Grayson Rep. Florida.   The debate was over the extension of the Bush tax breaks.  Grayson had promised to vote against the bill which brought an argument from O’Donnell who correctly pointed out that those in the lowest income bracket, 10%, would have a 50% increase in taxes if Grayson got his way.

There are a number of Democrats coming out against President Obama on his deal with the Republicans to extend the tax breaks.  This is making Obama appear as a moderate.

I wonder then, are these Democrats a sacrifice fly?  Grayson is a lame duck Dem, and others who have been vocal opponents to the President are usually in safe seats (i.e. Anthony Weiner).

Is this all a set up for Obama’s run in 2012?  He can claim to have been for the continuation of the tax breaks (which he will then claim as his own) and take a moderate position.  Of course this will only work if the economy gets better, but will it?  The current agreement is to extend that which has been in existence for 10 years and we are still in a recession.  Yes, Obama will add a 2% moratorium on the social security tax for one year, but I don’t think that will make a difference.  With the current plan we will probably get out of the recession, but it will be slow and weak, which will not give the economy the confidence that is needed to grow an economy.

Obama will play the moderate as long as he can.  Barack is hoping the electorate will forget he force feed us health care and that it is costing corporations billions of dollars, if they are not one of the hundreds of companies Obama has exempted from the health care bill.  He is hoping we will forget he took over the student loan companies, that he required Miranda Rights be read to the Taliban taken in Afghanistan, that he has given terrorist Constitutional rights so they can be tried in American courts, where one terrorist almost got off scott free because it was ruled evidence gathered at Gitmo is inadmissible.

For the next two years Obama may attempt to look moderate, whenever possible and hope we have short memories. 

I caution the Republicans, be mindful.  I see a fox trying to enter the hen house.

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