By - December 29, 2010

Global Warming causes Mini Ice Ages

If you were to believe President Obama, global warming is something that has to be dealt with now rather than later. In spite of his attempt in cramming legislation down our throats (failing a Democratic Congress no less), he has decided that constitutional procedures do not matter.  On January 2nd, 2011, the EPA (The Erroneous Protection Agency) will start enforcing lots of new regulations that had already been defeated earlier this year.

Republicans have vowed to fight this and I hope they succeed for two reasons.  First, this is a dangerous precedent being set for any President to take advantage of.  If they don’t like the way they were treated by congress, they buy a dog and go golfing until they think of a way to get around being beaten. This would explain the insane amount of rounds Obama has played. It is certainly not because he’s trying to improve his game.

Second and more importantly, given the world wide weather activity taking place, wouldn’t it seem prudent to hold off hammering our economy when it does not seem needed?  Regulation and taxation overkill has become this President’s mindset. Again, I blame the golf.   Having to flock to warmer weather states in order to keep up his habit has perhaps distorted his view.  When one half of the earth is either having record cold temperatures or record snow (which didn’t help the Philadelphia Eagles last night) and a growing number of scientists are saying that we are entering a mini ice age, it would seem to make more sense to hold off on more regulations.  However, we have a President that has played 80 plus rounds of Golf since he entered office.  Should we really expect him to make any sense (or pars) for that matter?

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