By - December 21, 2010

Matty’s Corralled Thoughts


On ABC’s World News tonight, Diane Sawyer sat down with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to discuss the possibility of a terror attack during the holidays. The highlight is Napolitano said, “What I say to the American people is that…thousands of people are working 24/7, 364 days a year (in all 57 states, mind you) to keep American people safe.” I guess even Homeland Security needs a day off. Please let me know what day that is so I can stay in my bunker with my tin foil hat. Can you imagine if Bush or Palin didn’t know there was 365 days in a year or 57 states?  Where is Katie Couric when you need her -looking down her nose?  I guess we could cut her some slack if she was discussing a leap year…

Speaker of terror threat, Attorney General Eric Holder, also speaking to ABC news says the terror threat is real and home grown terrorists is what is keep him up at night. Not the New Black Panthers, Arizona immigration laws or the Bears clinching a playoff spot. Its  having his agents write down the license plate numbers of the attendees at a TEA Party rally .  He mentions over the last 24 months, 126 people have been apprehended for terrorist activities. There was one important point missing from Mr. Holder’s threat assessment. Of the 50 or so people apprehended this year in the United States, all 50 were Muslim or a recent convert to Islam. He went on to say, Americans “have to be prepared for potentially bad news.” He must be discussing that day off Homeland Security wishes to take…

"Nathan Johnson"

“The new phone books is here, the new phone book is here.” Well, not exactly, but we now know where Nathan Johnson lives and what he does for a living thanks to Uncle Sam.  The new census information was released today. We at Red State Report will pour over the data for future stories, but the highlights are: according to the Census Bureau, the population increased almost by 10%- from 281 to 310 million. Texas will gain 4 congressional seats and Florida will gain 2 seats. Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Washington and Nevada will each gain 1. New York and Ohio will each lose 2 seats and Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Taxuschusetts, Michigan and New jersey all lose 1 seat.   Redistricting will start in February.  It appears to me the Red States are gaining seats. The Debbie Downer in me can only think of a swarm of locust. The liberal grasshoppers of a large city are given their marching orders by

General Manible "Antz"

General Manible to spread their political pollen to Red States. Think I’m kidding? Look at what has happened to Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Florida over the last 20 years.

Mele Kalikimaka

I am relieved that the entire first family will once again spend their holiday vacation in Hawaii. Initially, Obama, reading the tea leaves looking in the mirror at the bruise left behind by the 2×4 known as the November election, was going to stay in Washington and work over a few more defeated congressional members on the START Treaty and take the plane down to Hawaii with TOTUS (click hilarious Skip story) and join the rest of the family. Along the way, the rest of the family hit a snag. The First Dog of the United States, Bo, was being detained on the island until he completed the state’s stringent animal quarantine requirements. Hawaii claims to be the only state that is rabies free. Bo must have felt pretty upset since his entrance required more official documents and scrutiny then someone running for president and Bo can produce his live birth papers and probably his transcripts from doggy obedience school…

Lots of Doggies

A Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, named Etana, gave birth to 17 puppies on Sept. 28th, in a town near Berlin, Germany. It took a full 26 hours for Etana to give natural birth to all those dogs, and each one has survived thus far. The owner’s living room has been converted to a large box for all the dogs to live (video). In case you are wondering about the record number of puppies born to one dog-  a Bull Mastiff named Tia had 24 also in Europe.   I wonder if FDOTUS Bo had anything to do with this?  He was wanted for questioning in Hawaii. He may have accompanied his master on a “Hate America Tour” over to Europe and did the doggie deed…

I sat the alarm at 1:45 A.M. to view the lunar eclipse with my son. We were not disappointed.  My daughter wished to stay in bed and said she would catch the next one in 2094.  I wasn’t as optimistic as her…

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