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Acts of God & the Godless Acts of Politics

In The Yada Yada episode of Seinfeld, Kramer says “Mother Nature’s a mad scientist Jerry.” Unless you have been hiding in a bunker or in a cave with a Taliban commander, you are well aware of the series of large snow storms that hit the east coast this past week. I want to compare two “acts” of God and how the division of politics have clouded the reaction time of the government.

Hurricane Katrina demolished the gulf coast in 2005.  The media took the opportunity to blame Bush for his response and for not listening to Al Gore’s warnings of global warming.  Where is the outrage at the current President and the way he is handling the storm?   His name is not even coming up and I don’t know if it should, but his snow angel can be felt by those affected by the inaction of New York’s Sanitation Department.  Snow removal is one shovel ready project using the stimulus money could actually be counted upon to do some good…what a noble thought that would be!

The US Government is responsible for the flow of water and comparing the two is a stretch, but stay with me and I will make the link.  Investigations have shown that the governors of Florida and Mississippi took preemptive action and called Bush to initiate a proper federal response to the oncoming hurricane.  Louisiana Governor Blanco, you may recall, didn’t ask for help until the levees broke and water was sitting in a giant soup bowl.  New Orleans is 28 feet below sea level, and that would take a lot of crackers to absorb that mess.  (Even the big Saltine Crackers that Keebler makes!) The local Mayor “School bus” Nagin left his residents low and wet without taking action of evacuating them with the hundreds of city buses at his disposal.  The mayor and governor, both Democrats, wished to deliver a political death blow to Bush (enjoying an approval rating of 47%) by accusing him of insensitivity and showing the world he is slow to act.  The truth of the matter is a president can not enter a state without its consent- Tenth Amendment. Maybe it is a good idea that the Constitution is being read at the opening of the next Congress…the Governors should have to listen in too!

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New Orleans compares with New York in this way.  Many people in New Orleans and New York died due to politics.  Instead of doing the job that the tax payers entrusted upon its city and state employees, they take opportunities to enact godlessness in order to make a political statement.  I would rather have Amy Winehouse spit in my mouth then to be a political pawn.  It is being reported by the New York Post that the slow removal of snow by New York’s Sanitation Department is due to a budget protest by the higher ups in the Union.  Don’t blame the rank and file members in this case…just the higher ups who have the most to lose!

I will paraphrase the famous Seinfeld episode listed above:

“Democrat leadership has proven yada yada, and we are all screwed in the end.”

There exists, in parts of this great nation, this notion where the individual has been indoctrinated, by design, to believe their best hope for survival lies in the government and its policies. As of yesterday, all purchases above $600 will have to be reported, mercury filled light bulbs, yada yada…We tend to forget we are the constant gardeners of our government. It will be interesting to see the fallout over this new wrinkle in the tax code, the “garbage” from the snowstorm debacle, etc., yada…yada…yada… Collectively, we can bring about the change needed and singularly we can continue outwit the godless.

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