By - January 15, 2011

Obama Getting Serious About Debt…By Cutting Military

President Obama has promised since he was elected to concentrate on the economy.  Obama’s answer to the lagging economy was to give his political friends billions, the unions cleaned up with the Stimulus and the takeover of GM and Chrysler.  Billions were given to Goldman Sachs in TARP funds.  Goldman happens to be a huge supporter of the Democrats.

After throwing billions around to friends as if he were Santa Claus, Obama is now getting serious about the deficit.  $78 billion will be cut out of the 2011 budget….. from the military. The military will absorb 82% of all spending cuts.

Why are we cutting the military in the midst of a potential Nuclear Iran, A Blood Thirsty set of Beverly Hillbillies running North Korea, Afghanistan being more corrupt than a Charles Rangel Non-Profit Cause and an evergrowing super power in China.  It makes complete sense, doesn’t it?

Obama needs a Constitutional lesson:  National Defense is one of the FEW mandatory missions of the federal government.  Placating political friends is not constitutionally supported.  Expanding entitlement programs is also not a constitutional function of the federal government.  Yet, all other domestic entitlements and the pockets of friendly companies continue to grow while National Defense is placed on the chopping block.

This is not to say that the Pentagon shouldn’t be wiser with its budget.  $400 toilets are not acceptable especially.  If you have seen military toilets, they aren’t worth $40!   But that should be true of ALL programs receiving federal money.  This means cutting funding for the study of cow flatulence and its effect on global warming.

Here  is a video which displays Obama’s sense of priorities.  He is putting all his work into the wrong things.  In the video, picture the gentlemen with the briefcase as Obama.  Enjoy!


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  1. Looking forward to reading more. Great article. Awesome.


  1. Obama Getting Serious About Debt…Cuts Military; The Red State Report Political Blog Conservative http://redstatereport.wpengine.com/?p=5070

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