By - January 31, 2011

Sharia Prize Fight in Egypt


From the observation deck of the USA, our media has purposely created a fog on how well the Egyptian crisis is being handled by president Obama.  There have been conflicting reports coming out of the White House.  The easiest way to disseminate the news is to understand the president’s position on any event.  He enjoys sitting on the fence, playing both sides, and ignoring the telephone calls at 3:00 A.M.

Recent events in the world have caused a lot of consternation within the US.  First there were the riots in Brazil/Greece perpetuated by overspending of their government, then riots in France over raising the retirement age, followed by riots in England over increases in tuition for those in college.  All of the above is an example of the consequences of socialized governments.

More recently the world is being rocked by the riots in Egypt.   These riots may have more deleterious effects on the world and the US in the future.  Oil has risen over $3, and the stock markets are losing some steam. I usually take the approach that the market has a bleak future as long as we continue to institute a “government first policy” towards it path to recovery.  I will spare you the economic lesson for another time.

There is little doubt that Hosni Mubarak will not be able to remain in power (or possibly alive). He has control of the police- usually they are the first to honor the corrupt, and is slowly losing the support of the military- their duty is to the country.  The White House would have us believe that Obama was attempting to get Mubarak to change his government and procedures to avoid the current outcome, the Washington Post from August 2009 painted a different picture:

Mubarak and Obama’s meeting, their third in three months, marked a significant departure from the previous administration — when Mubarak and President George W. Bush divided over human rights and U.S. policy in the Middle East.

That sounds more like Mubarak and Obama are cuddling with each other.

Be that as it may, what good does it do for the US and Israel to see the downfall of the current Egyptian government?  Ever since Israel kicked Egypt’s rear end in the Six-Day War, Egypt has been more of a stabilizing force within the Mideast -certainly to Israel’s favor.

Currently the news paints a picture that can be scary. From Haarertz.com The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, is in talks with other anti-government figures to form a national unity government without President Hosni Mubarak”.  Their motto “Islam is the solution” has brought about many changes in Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Pakistan to name a few.  Most people can relate to another historical struggle for power that did not end well for the US…the rise of the Islamic theocracy in Iran.  President Carter messed up that situation causing the Shaw of Iran to flee Iran to save his life, ending with the government that is causing heartburn today.  Carter lost Iran, Clinton lost cigars, and Obama could lose Egypt.

Drastic changes in governments have unintended consequnces. The fear I have about Egypt is that you have an Islamic puppet master pulling the strings of these people protesting in the streets.  Their promise is along the line of  “change we can all believe in”.  The Egyptian people are wanting to become a more freedom practicing people.  That is admirable,  so did Lebanon, Venezuala, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, and America.

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