By - January 27, 2011

This Is Reality Not Fantasy, Mr. President

In the shadow of the State of the Union speech we find the President said almost exactly what we thought he would.  More spending, more spending!  Yeah, he paid lip service to spending cuts and you will see some, in the military and NASA but don’t expect anything relevant in the social engineering arena.  Remember you cannot believe anything the Presidents teleprompter tells him to say even if most of it was plagiarized.

The Republican response  by Rep. Paul Ryan was good and exactly what conservatives and constitutionalists want to hear.  You can view the response here if you missed it.

Rep Michelle Bachmann gave a response for the Tea Party, meant for the Tea Parties website, but CNN picked it up.  Rep. Bachmanns’ response was similar to to Rep. Ryans’  just a little more in depth.


Rep. Bachmann correctly laid out actual ideas to turn the economy around and get people back to work one of which directly addressed the US corporate tax rate. I have been looking for a way to write a story based around the United States’ corporate tax rates.

The corporate tax rates in the US are around 39%, which is among the highest in the world.  Roland Manarin (from a local investment firm in Omaha) said it best when questioning the wisdom of the US corporate tax rates; Pepsi makes most of its profits overseas, and so does McDonald’s.  How long before these corporations and others like them decide to take their headquarters overseas, taking the jobs with them?  Roland suggests it would be wise to cut the corporate tax rate to rival that of other economic giants in the world.

 I would like to add GM to that Rolands’ list, as the Huffington Post (of all blogs) writes, GM is the #1 auto maker in the world, but a majority of it’s sells come from….China.

Given GM’s financial troubles within the US, including the overbearing contracts with the UAW (automotive union), how long will it be before the US automakers become foreign automakers?

From the President who is cutting NASA, the very result of Spunik, our Spunik moment will be defined by looking to the future with the best in mind for all Americans, not what is best for just liberals and Democrats.

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