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A Comparison: Nazi Germany and Egypt

I know people automatically have a visceral knee jerk reaction to anything with respect to Nazi’s, but follow me on this one.  Remember, those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Hitler’s rise to power was not supported by the masses in Germany, at first.  Hitler had to cause disruptions in the street to get the people to recognize their plight.  After WWI, Kaiser Wilhelm II fled Germany in exile, the Weimar Republic took over which was a weak government and in the light of the Depression it looked that much worse.  Hitler feed on this causing the famous Beer Hall riots of 1923.  Although Hitler was jailed for this, he brought attention to the weak Weimar Republic and put himself in a position to grab power.  Hitler eventually got a small part in the German government, then continued to grab power until he toppled the current government allowing him to bring his Nazi party into power.  The rest is…. really bad history.

Fast forward to today.  Egypt has been going through its own version of Beer Hall riots for two weeks now, possibly being fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Egypt has being run by Mubarak for the past three decades, who like the Weimar Republic, has his population in a depressed state economically and psychologically.

The Muslim Brotherhood started in 1929 in Egypt, then during WWII the Brotherhood allied themselves with the Nazi’s because they shared a hatred of Jews.  The Brotherhood was forced out of Egypt where they found a home in Saudi Arbia as such they found they were well funded by the powers that be in Saudi Arabia.  Since that time the Brotherhood has been instrumental in funding and giving power to Hamas, have also taught some of Al-Qaeda’s top men.  The Muslim Brotherhood was directly responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat as a response for making peace with Israel.  It is no secret that the Brotherhood now seeks power within Egypt.

In America most people on the left, media included, and some on the right (the Neville Chamberlain’s of the right) are trying to convince Americans that it would not be bad for the US if the Muslim Brotherhood had a seat in the new government.  We are reassured that the Brotherhood would not have total power (remember the same thing happened in the 30’s in Germany) and that the people of Egypt do not support the Brotherhood in mass, that is to say the population does not follow their brand of Islam. 

Let’s examine these claims for ourselves.  I am posting pictures from Cairo University from 1959 to present day:

This is a picture from 1959.  Notice the women look very contemporary.

This is a picture from Cairo University in 1978.  Again the students and particularly the women look very much a part of the rest of the world.  Long hair and no burkas.

This picture is the same University except this picture was taken in 1995.  Some differences from earlier decades.

This picture is from 2004, a stark difference in appearances probably because they’re now more fundamental in their beliefs.  Nearly every women is in a burka and notice the reduced number of men at the University.  Where will all these uneducated men go?  Perhaps to a training camp?

Couple that with a statistic: Female genital mutulations is at a staggering 91% in Egypt, this is a practice exercised by fundamentalist Muslims and is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood lifestyle. 

Given this evidence I tend to believe Egypt is a rich soil for the Muslim Brotherhood to gain power from.  Actually I believe the Brotherhood is already akin to dandelions in everybody’s yard, can’t stop them from spreading and you can’t uproot them.  Like the dandelion, I believe the Brotherhood will be hard to stop, especially when we have a bunch of Neville Chamberlain’s in our midst, telling us don’t worry “We have peace in our time“.  How did that work out for Chamberlain?  Oh yeah!  Hitler started WWII.

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