By - February 16, 2011

Democrats Want To Shutdown The Government…Again

Here we go again.  The Democrats, Obama to be specific, are threatening a government shutdown.  Why is it that the Democrats get to throw their fits, because they get called to the carpet on the spending, and threaten a government shutdown?

A government shutdown gives the Democrats the ability to demagogue the Republicans.  The Dems claim the military will suffer and so will the elderly.  From Wikipedia:

 A government shutdown occurs when a government discontinues providing services that are not considered “essential.” Typically, services that continue in spite of a shutdown include police, fire fighting, armed forces, utilities and corrections.   In the absence of appropriated funds, the government discontinues providing non-essential services at the beginning of the affected fiscal year. 

Why are we threatened this time?  Republicans are attempting to trim $100 billion off of Obama’s extraordinarily irresponsible $3.8 trillion dollar budget and Obama is threatening to veto the efforts to cut the budget, thus debt.  This exposes Obama’s lies about trying to cut the debt.

Opponents will say the Republicans are raising the debt by de-funding healthcare, since the Dems have falsely sold the healthcare law as debt reducing.  How is a law reducing the debt  when the IRS wants 359 million more dollars to hire 1,054 more agents just handle the new taxes from the healthcare law, 81 new agents just to handle the 10% tax on tanning beds. 

How is healthcare going to reduce the debt when it will only pay hospitals for surgeries as opposed to private surgery centers?  What do I mean?  Take a cataract surgery for example: private surgery centers get reimbursed by Medicare $670 per eye for a cataract surgery, a hospital gets reimbursed $1800 for the same surgery.  In the new law only surgeries done in hospitals will be reimbursed, yes, at the increased cost to Medicare…actually increased cost to YOU.

Since Obama has been in office 141,000 new federal employees (this number does not include teachers, they are state employees) have been hired.  Why do we need 141,000 more federal employees?  Government employees do not add a product to the economy therefore they add nothing to the economy.  These individuals are paid by YOUR taxes/paycheck an average $123,000/yr. salary and benefits.

John Boehner has suggested cutting programs to which Nancy Pelosi countered with “you will be cutting (federal employee) jobs.”  Many of these jobs are non-economic producing jobs gained during the Obama administration like at the EPA where Obama has increased the EPA budget by 34%.  This is the same EPA that is trying to take over Texas’ economy for emitting too much CO2 (a life giving gas) and is putting farmers out of business in California in favor of a 2 inch fish (bait).

Personally, I think the country would go a long way if we handed out pink slips to everybody in D.C..  The fact we are scared to death if the government shuts down indicates we are too dependant on the government in the first place.

Let the Democrats shut the government down!  This is in their hands, Obama is the one throwing fits over potential cuts to his spoiled expensive wish list.

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