By - February 12, 2011

Looney Tunes Foreign Policy

Egypt teeters on democracy vs. theocracy and the left in the media are already congratulating President Obama for his success.   Chris Matthews stated “It’s as if we needed Obama to make this happen”.  With that statement Chris Matthews shows that his man-crush on Obama has probably gone one step further.  I know there are states out east that will allow the union Chris is looking for, but I will warn him of this: President Obama hasn’t invited any interns in his office for pizza and cigars and his not likely to, even if Chris poses as an intern dressed in a blue dress.

The point in this article is that the events in Egypt happened despite of, not because of Obama.  How could Obama have anything to do with the events?  Was it his clear declarations?  One day it’s, “Mubarak has to step down now”, the next day it’s “When I say NOW I mean yesterday”, which evolved to (once everyone figured out the Muslim Brotherhood may gain power) Mubarak must step down…ah…sometime!  Obama’s handling of this situation was a lot like the Looney Tunes dog…”which way did he go, George”.  In his attempts to get out in front of the situation, he looked like an idiot.


On the subject of idiots, who is running the CIA and Intelligence community?  James Clapper, National Intelligence Director (or lack of intelligence) stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is a SECULAR organization, who disavowed Al-Qaeda!  Wow!  He is either bravely lying or just stupid.  Not to be outdone, Leon Panetta gave reports of Mubarak’s impending resignation based on media reports (and not intelligence.)

Now is the time for caution celebration, nobody knows what will ultimately happen in Egypt.  We know the Muslim Brotherhood is the best organized opposition in Egypt at this point.  As long as the military controls Egypt we are in good shape, but we have no idea how long that will be.

I know Obama is looking for anything to help his dismal approval rating, which explains why Obama is willing to go along with John Boehner in the dismantling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Wait for this, Geithner said the move to dissolve the two mortgage giants could take five to seven years.  Guess who won’t be in office to see this through?  I doubt this will happen.

As I have said before Obama will do anything to make it appear as though he is moving to the center without actually doing it.

As long as Obama has idiots running this country we will have situations where we end up holding our breath, hoping the best accidentally happens.

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  1. malcom moore says:

    why is looney tunes based on political stuuf



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