By - February 2, 2011

Matty’s Corralled Thoughts

Here is a couple of observations for the birthers (that is an interesting link, best viewed with an aluminum hat).  President Obama has been less than forthcoming about his birth certificate, school records, passports, etc… The new Governor of Hawaii, although a longtime “friend” to the president, has not done him many favors the past two weeks, and has led much credence to the birther movement.  I say, in the next election we get Prince Albert of Monaco on the ticket.  Yeah, his father maybe foreign born, but his mom is American Grace Kelly.  Can you imagine the republican slogan for the election “we got Prince Albert in the can”…

A story circulating from over the weekend is the WH Senior Advisor, David Axelrod, is leaving the White House to head back to Chicago to jump start the president’s reelection campaign. The “unbiased” press corp (minus Fox News or as libs like to call them “faux news”) decided to throw him and the president a big party all the while Egypt burns.  No conflict of interest there. If only Obama knew how to fiddle….

No big surprise that bad boy actor, Charlie Sheen, is tormented on whether or not to reenter rehab.  He was scheduled for a three month stint this time, but now he thinks he doesn’t have a problem.  Depending on the day and which personality is receiving reporters calls-Charlie now believes he can cure himself,  while locked up in his Malibu mansion.  The production crew is less than happy since they will not be receiving full compensation during this time, all the while- Charlie is cashing his million dollar checks. I got to wondering who has taken more time off the job in the last year. Charlie or the president? One of those I am hopeful of a full recovery from their illness…

On groundhog day, most of the nation’s eyes are tuned into Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and its beloved groundhog Phil.  A little known fact- Nebraska has its own groundhog day in the tiny town of Unadilla.  The population will swell from 300 to almost 500 people for the early morning festivities and to watch its mascot is Bill (sometimes ducted taped to the hood of a car) who stands guard on a refrigerator at The Bar.  He has been frozen in time for since he was caught stealing produce in a neighboring garden and could not outrun the bullet of a .22. Quoting a RoadsideAmerica.com article:  “He’s available year round,” said Nathan Bischoff of Bill, now well into his third decade of postmortem prognostication. “We keep him dusted. He’s holding up pretty good.” Bill was strategically place in behind a pick-up truck and was unable to cast a shadow. Looks like we will have an early spring.  A little known fact, DC has their own rodent as well.  She is called Nancy and if you don’t see her holding a gavel, that means its two more years of republican rule…

Bill- frozen in time

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