By - February 4, 2011

States Rights Are Alive

Federalism, aka States Rights, appears to be alive and well, and this maybe the key to a successful future.  What do I mean by this?  I will get to that but let’s look at the examples of States Rights being exercised.

First: The court decision in Florida that was brought against the Federal government (The Obama administration and the Democrats to be specific) by 26 individual states related to Obamacare.  The decision rendered recently declared the healthcare law unconstitutional.  Individual states pulled together to turn the federal government around.  Undaunted by the ruling, the Obama administration is going to soon be guilty of contempt as they ignore the court ruling by a Federal judge.  Beyond Obama, are the Senate Democrats who were allowed to vote to repeal Obamacare after it had been determined to be unconstitutional.  Every Democrat senator, including Nebraska’s own Ben Nelson, voted against the repeal.  This very action by the democrat senators puts them in violation of their oath of office, to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  The Senate Democrats have now become the domestic enemies to the Constitution, Ben Nelson included.

In this case it is the individual states who are trying to right this ship.

Second:  Foreign policy.  I have always said the secret to foreign policy and for the most part the only foreign policy we need is: Be energy independent.   There is no more important time than now, especially with all the upheaval in the Middle East.  Our dependency on foreign oil is fueling the unrest in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries finance terrorism from the very money we use to buy oil.  This will not get better especially in light of the events in Egypt coupled with the Obama administration and the left spooning with the Muslim Brotherhood ,who are sworn to the destruction of the Jews and the West.

Obama has said he wants America to be energy independent, but has made us more dependent on foreign oil by illegally continuing the drilling moratorium (which the Obama administration has just been ruled as being in contempt of court by a Federal judge), revoking contracts to allow for coal mining (putting hundreds of people out of work) and federalizing lands that contain shale oil.

Nebraska is, hopefully, starting to get serious about energy independence.  Recently Nebraska decided set up Compressed Natural Gas stations.  Many other states have set up CNG stations already.  CNG is cheaper and more efficient than fuel oil we currently use and more importantly, we have 100’s of year’s worth of it domestically.

It is worth mentioning, we need the US car companies to get on board here to make CNG stations a long term reality.

Federalism is becoming the base of the pyramid to turn this country around, and that is just how the Founders designed it.  In the wake of a federal government that is not listening to the citizens it is the states that are flexing their muscle for their citizens.

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