By - February 21, 2011

The China Syndrome

The gun powder trail, laid by the Egyptian protests, are causing powder keg explosions around the world.  As the rent-a-mob and union thuggery epidemic spreads across America’s Great Lakes Region, there are many other regions of the world where people are risking their lives (unless you count the vandals who are risking their lives as they destroy Wisconsin public property) for real changes in government rule vs. another bloated union pension benefit.  One such region is the Middle East.  Here is what has happened so far:

  • The Egyptian uprising was regarded as a bloodless revolt
  • The Libyan revolt has resulted in a death toll of over 200 and the possibility of the people beheading Maummar Gaddafi if he sticks around(too bad the air raid ordered by Reagan didn’t do the trick).  Last report, he fled Tripoli for an undisclosed location in Switzerland!

But that number will pale in comparison if the “Jasmine Revolution” takes hold in China.

The name “Jasmine Revolution” was the name given to the Tunisian protest movement.  The adamant protests in Tunisia over the past two months brought down the 23 year-old regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and inspired Arabs throughout the region to stand up for their rights and revolt against their apparent rulers-for-life or as New Yorkers would say the “Bloomberg Principle.”

In the Year of the Rabbit (Hare), the Chinese people are supposed to be enjoying a peaceful and congenial environment. That has been disrupted by community activists (kinda like Jesse and Barack) a world away.  These political activists are believed to be exiled Chinese dissidents (America has exiled political activists as well- names like Mondale, Dukakis, and Daschle). These activists are sending out emails, Tweets, and text messages to the youth of China, encouraging them to take to the streets and protest in 13 major cities across China.  The postings are urging protesters to shout slogans including “we want food to eat,” “we want work,” “we want housing,” and “long live democracy,”. Not as catchy as the one Jesse Jackson used to shout i.e. “All day, all night, all white” in response to the Academy Awards and not his mistresses’ wedding dress plans.

I have always been told the squeaky wheel gets the grease and sometimes the presidency.  In China, the squeaky wheel usually gets a bullet. I can only imagine the the body count over there if these protests come to fruition.  The official Chinese media will confirm the dead at zero and there will be a tight control on any image or information leaving the country (just like a Obamacare meeting).  According to them, Tianamenn Square was a mild exercise in their rights to free speech!

It amazes me as citizens in other parts of the world are risking life and limb for the removal of their communist/dictatorship/theocracy governments, while our country raced towards those types of government promised in the 2008 election.  What a slap in the face to the average liberal if Bush’s greatest leagacy is:  Starting democracy of the Middle East- will he win a Noble Peace Prize? It is comforting to know the Democratic leadership stands in solidarity with the Wisconsin teacher union protest (and the lies of being sick).  Can you imagine staying home from work on Monday because of the stress caused by your NASCAR driver finishing lower than first at Daytona?  Remember, it is always about the children when it comes to the noble profession of teaching and apparently $100,000 plus in benefits isn’t noble enough.  I would venture to guess:  To take up the cause of an extra bowl of rice pales in comparison to the Wisconsin teacher struggle.  You know an extra bowl of rice wouldn’t get Jesse to Madison.  After all, where would the money be?

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