By - February 22, 2011

Truth In The Land Of Cheese

Protesters in Madison, WI are yelling “Gov. Walker doesn’t support workers rights”.  To the dismay of the protesters, Walker is proving exactly the opposite just not in the manner they like.

Madison is awash in union muscle right now from the NEA (teachers union), to Obama’s Organizing for America and the DNC and I will bet you can find an SEIU member beating up some elderly counter-protester.

Many unionized teachers and Democrats, bused in from across America, are continuing their protests pushing for the continued ability to spend more  money taken from the Wisconsin workers.  This protest is becoming important not only in Wisconsin, but nation wide.  If Gov. Walker can reign in the union in Wisconsin (Moscow West) then the teachers unions could be faced with many other states breaking away from the iron fist of the public unions.

The unions are motivated by more than potentially reduced ability for collective bargaining (strong arming).  The truth is slowly bubbling to the top of this story.  In the law Walker is trying to pass is included the ability for the teachers to opt out of the union.  This is a problem for both the unions and the Democrats because the percentage of political contribution from the teachers unions to the Democrats is 95% yet the percentage of teachers in Wisconsin who are Republican is 34%.  As you can image, the union would immediately lose 1/3 of their dues income.

This is the workers rights Gov. Walker supports, one in which workers have the freedom of choice as to where their money is being spent whether in taxes or dues.  Unions are antagonistic to freedom, forcibly taking both taxes and dues money.

The Wisconsin teachers had better wake up and look around, particularly to the east of Wisconsin.  Detroit is an example of what can happen when you have over-taxed your citizens.  The latest news from Detroit , is the Detroit public school system is being forced to close half of it’s schools.  This means half of Detroit’s teachers are being laid off as the average high school classroom will go from 24 students to 60 students per classroom.

Gov. Walker is hoping to avoid such disasters, the question is; do the unions care?

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