By - March 26, 2011

Future Of The World:Part I

No this isn’t a spoof of the Mel Brooks classic, History Of  The World: Part I.  This will be a glimpse into the near future of the world.

I am going to exercise my mystical powers to determine the future of America.  OK, I don’t have mystical powers, I will never be confused with Carnac the Magnificent or a gypsie future teller, but I do have facts and history to draw from to make my predictions.

Iran was lost during the Carter administration by the incompetence of said administration.  In forcing the Shaw of Iran out of power, Carter didn’t foresee the Theocracy waiting in the wing for power.  Thirty years later we are still dealing with the fallout of Carter’s blunder.

In today’s world we have a more serious situation.  Egypt had been in turmoil for weeks until the ouster of their dictator.  Libya is going through an augmented civil war, where the US and some allies are interdicting military power to even the odds.  Syria is currently going through the same thing, without the help from the UN. 

An important question being asked by some people, but I fear not the people in power, is: who benefits from the power vacuum created in these Middle East countries?

Egypt has been flirting with the Muslim Brotherhood and there is some evidence to show that the rebels in Libya may be affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

With that I will attempt my best Carnac the Magnificent:

In my hands I hold an envelope that has been hermetically sealed and placed in a mayonnaise jar on Wilhelm Kosch’s porch since noon today.  Nobody has seen the contents of this envelope. I will ascertain the answer without opening the envelope.

The Answer Is:Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy and Doc

I’ll open the envelope now……..

The Question Is:  Who runs the Obama administration?


Ok, that was bad and I did steal it from Carnac.  I have posted the real Carnac for you to enjoy.

My real prediction is based off either the complete incompetency of the Obama administration (some times the seven dwarfs could do a better job) or worse, well thought out plans by Obama and his team.

The future of the world is a middle east region that is nearly completely ruled by radical Islam.  I foresee Egypt and Libya ruled by a Islamic theocracy with Syria to follow.  This will insure decades of military involvement from America, unless we can become energy independent (so far Obama has only paid lip service to real energy independence).  I fear we may lose Iraq and Afghanistan in decades to come, to a theocracy if Egypt, Libya and Syria become radicalized.

It has been said we have had to right leaders (Presidents) for the difficulties that have been faced in history.  Presidents such as Lincoln, FDR, Reagan and even Bush (in his many mistakes, he was the right President in the face of 911) have seen America through difficult times and have pulled America through with the potential of a better future.

In this time I fear that may not be case. 

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