By - March 31, 2011

Let Us See The Light

Let Us See The Light

Washington D.C. is a busy place right now, with Obama waging a war on a country (Libya) that was not a direct threat to the US and the Senate and Congress fighting over the budget (Democrats and some Republicans wanting to spend us blind with Conservative Republicans willing to make the hard choices).

In the midst of the current events in Washington some Senators are attempting to restore some liberties to sighted Americans.

Republicans are questioning the wisdom of the 2007 energy law that will soon make the 100W and 75W incandescent light bulb illegal, to be quickly followed by making the 60W and 40W bulbs contraband.  This is one of the mistakes George Bush made while President and thus limiting the freedom of Americans to purchase light bulbs that will illuminate our domiciles with enough light that we wouldn’t risk walking straight into a wall.

Eco-Nazis are in love with this law which gives as the only choice for lighting the poisonous mercury infused Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL).  The CFL propaganda blitz sells the idea that CFL’s use less energy to provide the equivalent light output of a normal incandescent light bulb.  CFL cost about 3 times more than the Edison lights but are said to last 10 times longer.

Most of us know the truth: A 100W CFL gives about the equivalent light output as a 40W Edison light.  CFL’s can last up to 2 years….if you keep them on constantly, thereby reducing the energy savings.  If you turn a CFL on and off as you would normally, the life of the CFL is reduced by 80%.  There goes your cost savings, already guaranteeing you will spend at least 3 times more for lighting per year.  Warning….Don ‘t use a CFL on a dimmer switch, unless you want to replace it immediately.   Dimmers will blow the CFL immediately, I know, I tried it.  CFL’s that can dim cost about 10 times more than the Edison light bulb.

We have all heard what you must do if a CFL breaks: Immediately deploy a gas mask and Hazmat suit, then have all family members and pets decontaminated.  OK, that is a little overboard, but it’s not far from the truth.  If a CFL breaks, all people and pets must clear the area, windows opened to air out the mercury gas, put on rubber gloves and thoroughly clean the area placing all pieces in a specially marked bag, etc, etc.

South Carolina isn’t taking this sitting down.  South Carolina lawmakers are getting ready to pass the Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act.  This Act will allow South Carolina to produce it’s own incandescent light bulbs to be sold only in South Carolina, thereby taking the Federal Government out the light bulb conflict.

I am hoping freedom loving lawmakers in Washington can overturn the Federal ban or I foresee a new type of bootlegging.  I will be looking forward to a real Smokey and the Bandit.

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  1. lighthouse says:


    No light bulbs should be banned..

    …and it is a ban, halogen incandescents have a whiter light and
    other differences, and cost much more for the small savings with them,
    which is why they are not popular today either with consumers or
    governments, who push CFL use.

    There is no present or future shortage of energy sources for electricity
    justifying telling what paying consumers can use,
    especially since the overall USA energy savings from light bulb regulations
    are less than 1% anyway,
    based on the Dept of Energy’s own statistics ( http://ceolas.net/#li171x )
    – remember the politicians keep including non-incandescent street and
    industrial lighting in the usual high usage percentages quoted.

    Much greater, and much more relevant, energy waste savings arise from
    effectively organized electricity generation and grid distribution,
    and from reducing the unnecessary use of appliances:
    rather than from stopping people in their choice of what appliance to use.

  2. lighthouse says:

    how manufacturers and vested interests have pushed for the ban on
    regular light bulbs,
    and lobbied for CFL favors: http://ceolas.net/#li1ax
    with documentation and copies of official communications

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