By - March 28, 2011

No Constitutional Rights For Conservatives?

Liberals have never been confused as people who respect the Constitution as written, but Sen. Frank Lautenberg has revealed something I was unaware of.

In a story broken by Hot Air and Michelle Malkin, Sen. Lautenberg is caught voicing exactly what most leftist think.  While giving an address to Planned Parenthood and their supporters Sen. Lautenberg suggests the Tea Party members and Republicans don’t deserve the rights the Constitution guarantees them, but he will be good enough to allow us to keep our rights!  Well Thank you Sen. Lautenberg!  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for allowing me to keep my God given inalienable rights. 

Notice in the posted video the lady, in the background, asking “Did he really just say that?”


The most egregious statement by Lautenberg was:

… The Republicans in Congress claim they’re concerned about the budget balance, but it’s a disguise! It’s not true! It’s a lie! That’s not what they want. They want — they want other people not to be able to have their own opinions. They don’t deserve the freedoms that are in the Constitution! But we’ll give it to them anyway.

So this exposes the truth about liberals.  Liberals believe the only people or organizations who are allowed “Freedom of Speech” are their supporters.  If not for the Constitution the left would have the Tea Party members, Republicans and some reporters locked away in a closet (see Matty’s story here) or prisons, to never be heard from again.

It is good to see that some Senators are brave enough to stand with Planned Parenthood, an organization that gives advise on how to run an underage prostitution ring undetectedObviously organizations that support human trafficking of young girls as prostitutes are worthy of all Constitutional rights, but we, as law abiding conservatives,  have to have those rights granted to us by Democrats.

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