By - March 23, 2011

Too Hard On Obama?

Events over the last couple of weeks have a number of people, particularly on the Right, asking where is the President on the latest issues.  Obama has been hit hard for his intellectual absence on any number of issues.

What has Obama accomplished while sitting in the Oval Office?  Is there a reason pundits want Obama engaged as a President?  Here are a list of some of Obama’s Presidential accomplishments:

  • Passage of the overwhelming Stimulus Package.  This has been great for American…Unions.
  • Took over GM and Chrysler.  GM may actually be paying the government back, but Obama still has his minions on the board at both companies
  • Housing rescue plan: Over half those able to actually get onto this plan have still gone into foreclosure with 3.8 million more mortgage foreclosures to come.
  • Ended interrogation methods, proven to work and save lives
  • Cut the missile defense program, leaving our allies high & dry, exposed to their enemies
  • Restarted the Carter legacy of nuclear non-proliferation with an nuclear impotent Russia
  • Empowered the EPA to enforce CO2 (the very gas we exhale) restrictions, doing an end around to bring Cap-N-Trade to life without a vote from Congress
  • Expanded SCHIP to cover “kids” until I think their 50th birthday
  • Nationalized the Student Loan Program
  • Cut military spending by 25%
  • Forcefully passed the extraordinarily unpopular Health Care law
  • Piddled around when asked for a “Surge” in Afghanistan, finally agreeing to half of what was asked for
  • Had a bipolar message in the face of protest in Egypt
  • Has a bipolar message with respect to Libya.  Is the mission just a No-Fly Zone or are we committed to regime change?

President Obama has taken a lot of vacations, played a lot of golf and played a lot of basketball.  In the midst of Middle East crisis’ Obama could be found….on ESPN choosing his NCAA basketball tournament winners.  The President is taking a lot of heat for what seems to be a President who is disconnected from the events occurring throughout the world.

I have a different view with respect to our detached President.  When you look at what Obama is able to due when he sits in the Oval Office, I would rather have Obama off on vacation or better yet, Obama needs to spend more time on ESPN.  If ESPN cares about the country they would have Obama do play-by-play calls for all NCAA and NBA basketball games on ESPN.  When basketball is over ESPN could have Obama do play-by-play on ESPN 4 for swimming and diving, polo, lacrosse and chess tournaments.

The more time Obama spends at ESPN or on vacation the less time he has to mess up America further. 

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  1. Mark M says:

    Let’s face it, there’s just an intellectual absence period.

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