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Wisconsin Teachers Unions Explained

Teachers Unions ExplainedHow Teachers Unions Work (In Wisconsin or anywhere else)

Though this video is a little monotonous, it is really worth a good viewing.  The very contradictions that the teachers unions stand for are why their arguments are so ridiculous in the first place.

Here are some of those contradictions that the teachers unions make:

  • We teach our children to always strive for excellence, yet will not subject themselves to some sort of meaningful scrutiny.
  • We are sending our kids out into the world where, if they don’t perform up to standards, they could lose your jobs.  With the current tenure system, the teachers unions ensure that will not happen to their fellow teachers.
  • We are sending students out into the world where pay is largely determined by performance.  With teachers unions, whether performance is good or bad, pay is based on longevity.
  • If we are to view teaching as the most important job in the world (as this writer views it as among them), why would we not subject that job to performance reviews like every job in the country, including a burger flipper at McDonald’s?

I don’t want to give away the whole video, but it is certainly worth a view.  Suffice it to say that it does also talk about the current money situation that is facing most local and state governments.  Teachers Unions have, up until very recently, have not wanted to bend on anything in regards to money.  It is as if their situation is different from any other private business facing a serious financial crisis today.  Somehow or another, the economic and math teachers must think that the public sector is made up of unlimited monopoly money that can be printed up whenever someone dares ask them if they can make any concessions.

The teachers unions across the country are facing this, not just in Wisconsin.

In Detroit Michigan, things have gotten so bad that they are asking to close up half of the schools.  Before we get on to too big of a bashing kick, this is not all of the faults of teachers unions.  In certain parts of the country, the tax base has simply shrunk too quickly for the sice of these school districts to be sustained.  I don’t think this is a good thing.  Just like I am not happy for everyone who has lost their house, their retirments, their life as they know it due to this economic downturn.  Even as recovery is starting to occur, the reality is that most people’s lives and plans have been altered.  These are just facts…just like what we teach our children everyday.

If teachers unions do not want to deal with these facts, then they will experience the same thing that a lot of this country has experienced.  When a public or private enterprise truly runs out of money and the employees organizations (teachers unions, for instance) are not willing to compromise, they will be locked out.  (Ask the NFL Players how long that will actually last).  Non-Union Employees will come in, after a court battle, and replace them.  I, for one, do want teachers to make a good living.  Given that, once they have their masters, they can truly work 9 months a year, many of them are making a decent living.

What I do want, more than anything else, is that our kids are learning responsible behavior.  Teachers Unions and the education field is no different than the rest of society in this aspect.  If the money isn’t there, for whatever reason, than sacrifices and changes must be made.  Teachers Unions, and the many great educators they represent, should embrace compromise, as should the governments the are currently battling.

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  1. Lori Dean says:

    I’m wondering how many teachers are in your family? Evidently not enough for you to know that the inequity in teacher salary has little to do with seniority. There are great teachers with 5 years of experience and great teachers with 30 years of experience, and there is very little difference between the pay of these great teachers. Of course, many of the great teachers with 5 years experience never make it to be 30-year teachers, because they are smart enough to see that those 3 months off in the summer are filled with lesson planning, curriculum writing, and conferences.

  2. Richard Lund says:

    This is hillarious and sadly, so true of the way the Teachers Unions frame the argument. I can’t wait to send this to my friends!

  3. ron white says:

    I would love to laugh, but I realize that there are so many followers. Not nearly enough forward minded well informed people… or even people that care to get informed. This kind of information can really be seen as the truth. I really wished that administration would be pushed to focus on due process so that bad teachers would be placed in a situation to be helped, pushed to become better!!!!!! Then most of this ridiculous testimonial would be resolved!

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