By - March 16, 2011

Young Duds And The Debt

There will be no government shutdown for the next three weeks.  John Boehner promised no government shutdown (of course anybody who has played poker knows, don’t show your hand but that is just what Boehner did) and he delivered .  Boehner and company also delivered funding for Obamacare, and funding for Planned Parenthood, the very organization with video taped proof of institutional criminal acts.

We should be happy though because the Republicans were able to cut $6 Billion out of the budget, a $1.3 Trillion budget!  I think that equates to a few cases of paper clips, Mr. Boehner.  The Republicans could have eliminated $105 Billion by cutting the Obamacare out of the Continued Resolution, this being the 3rd Continued Resolution that continues to exist under the Republican leadership.  That’s an example of leadership, continue to kick the can down the road, what backbone!

So far the Republicans have cut less than 1% of the budget, that means the President and Democrats are getting 99% of what they want.   Wow!  Boehner, Cantor and the rest of their lackeys are really working overtime there.

Who are these Republicans that we and the Tea Party members worked so hard to get into office?  We elected Republicans in mass to get rid of Obamacare and cut the deficit, both of which got stabbed in the back by the passage of the continued resolution. 

It has become evident that the Republicans need new leaders.  John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the rest of the Young Duds are only interested in accomplishing symbolic victories, i.e. vote to Repeal Healthcare.  It was a nice offering, but in the end means nothing.

Do not lose heart though, 54 Republicans voted against the resolution to include the very popular Mike Pence of Indiana (check here to see how your representative voted).  That does mean that a majority of the republicans voted to fund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood which includes my own representative, Jeff Fortenberry and the other two representatives from Nebraska, Lee Terry and Adrian Smith.  It is an understatement to say I am discouraged by my representatives that they would rather make their party leadership happy than to actually fight for their constituents.  These men had better find a way to deeply cut the debt and strip the landscape of Obamacare or I may have to campaign against them as hard as I am Ben Nelson.

I should have known that a man who cries as easily as John Boehner probably doesn’t have a backbone or the resolve for a fight.  Boehner has left conservatives wondering who he is, what he is.  Maybe Boehner is fighting to figure himself out.  This has the makings of a real Crying Game for John.

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