By - April 19, 2011

Ben Nelson:Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Planned Parenthood funding was stripped out of the latest budget bill (which was a joke), to be brought up on it’s own for funding.  

Planned Parenthood is the nations largest abortion provider with 98% of pregnancy services provided by Planned Parenthood being abortions.

As it stands Planned Parenthood recieves $363 million from the federal government for funding while posting  $1.1 billion in revenues in 2009.

The de-funding bill finally made it through the House and then the Senate.  Even with a federal law prohibiting federal funds to be used for abortions and Planned Parenthood posting such large revenues, the Senate voted to continue funding for P.P.  In the grand scheme of things $363 million is not much compared to the overall budget, but we as constituents should expect our Pro-Life Senators to vote to de-fund such a business.

Nebraska’s Democratic Pro-Life Senator has blinked yet again on a liberal issue.  Ben Nelson, as has become normal, has voted with his liberal pro-abortion buddies in the Senate, to continue the illegal federal funding of abortions.

Since Barack Obama has been President, Ben Nelson has become another liberal in a long list of liberal senators.  Nelson’s most famous liberal vote was for the Obamacare bill.  This bill was recently declared unconstitutional by a federal court judge and even after that, given the ability to vote against the Obamacare law, Nelson again choose to support the unconstitutional law.

Nelson has repeatedly claimed to be fiscally conservative, but has voted for every spending bill Obama has put forth, to include the Union funding bill…a.k.a the Stimulus bill.  Since Obama has been President, Nelson has not voted for any spending cuts but continues to vote for spending bills.

To be fair Nelson does occasionally vote against is liberal democrat friends, when it is a foregone conclusion Senator Reid will win the vote without Ben Nelson’s help.  Case in point: Nelson is now crowing about how he voted to limit the EPA’s ability to regulate CO2.  66 votes were needed to limit the EPA’s overbearing regulatory controls, but the senate was only able to garner 50 votes, making Nelson’s vote against the EPA a safe vote for Sen. Reid.  This is not the first time Sen. Nelson has played these games.  Nelson voted against Elena Kagan as Supreme Court Justice, when it was apparent Reid had the votes to confirm her.  This is a game Nelson plays well, but not well enough anymore.

When Sen Nelson’s vote is the deciding vote, you can count on him to vote along party lines.

The big bad wolf in Red Riding Hood just wanted to eat Red, Nelson, the liberal big bad wolf in sheep’s clothing and Planned Parenthood would do much worse.  Nelson and P.P. would have had Red’s mom abort Red Riding Hood , thereby evaporating this children’s story all together.

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