By - April 12, 2011

Budget Stories

The Tea Party has changed the political landscape.  The Republican leadership is doing every thing it can to prove they are attentive to the wishes of sane Americans, well, as long as they don’t actually have to do anything.  Obama will be trying to court the same Americans too.

Late last week the Republican leaders boldly (all facetiousness intended) cut a meager $38 billion dollars from a $3.6 trillion dollar budget for 2011.  Why go for $100 billion in cuts when you can get $61 billion and better yet settle for $39 billion.  The truth is: Boehner actually only got about $10 to 15 billion in cuts The $39 billion is a LIE!  Boehner snuck $10 billion in from the previous continuing resolutions then added in 10 to 15 billion unused dollars from federal construction contracts that the government wasn’t allowed to spend.  Obama was able to save all of his favorite projects including  Obamacare, which was saved in the previous continuing resolution getting $105 billion from the Republicans!  I love Boehner’s steely resolve, stiff spine much like a jellyfish.

Now Obama is getting into the act….again.  Yes folks, Obama will lay out once again his plan to reduce the deficit (I have an idea….resign your office and let a conservative serve as President).  This will be Obama’s annual visit to his deficit reduction lip service. 

Obama’s first began the deficit reduction fable telling in Feb 2009, to be quickly forgotten then revisited in his State of the Union address, Jan 2010 .  Having all the time, political capital and democratic house and senate, Obama got absolutely nothing done on debt control.  Obama did however manage to spend more than any other President who has preceded him.

Now, Obama is serious!  Ok, pick yourself up off the floor.  I know it sounds like a bad old joke, but that is what the President is going to try to sell us in his speech to the nation.

The speech will sound very familar: raise taxes on the rich (all those who make more than $250,000/year and sign your paychecks, until they have to lay you off).  Obama will ask for an increase in corporate taxes which is at 39%  the highest in the world, except for corporate friends of Obama….i.e. GE which did not pay any taxes last year.  Is it any coincidence that the  CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immult is a good friend of Obama’s?  Mr. Immult now sits on Obama’s Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory board.

Basically Obama’s deficit fix will come from the pockets of anybody who is not a friend of his administration and anybody who actually makes the economy run, without government assistance.

Currently we, the people, have to put up with Obama and John Boehner telling us tall tales about their brave exploits, which much like any other childs’ story is fantasy.  Remember these stories in 2012.

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