By - April 1, 2011

Debt Stars

One of my favorite TV shows is Pawn Stars.  This is a show I think the Republicans can learn from, particularly John Boehner.  I like Pawn Stars in part because I love history and antiques, but I also love the bartering that goes on particularly from “The Old Man”.

Anybody who has seen the show knows Pawn Stars is about a pawn store in Las Vegas, which is run by Rick and his dad, The Old Man. The employees are Corey, Rick’s son and the village idiot Chumlee.

Customers bring in articles to sell or pawn.  Sometimes the customers bring in pure junk to sell and that is when the bartering is fun to watch.  The customer will shoot a price for their junk, say $150 and the Old Man counters with $60.  The customer will come back with $125 to be followed by a $65 bid from the Old Man.  It ends with the customer trying for $120 to be countered by the original $60 bid from the Old Man.  The ball is in the customers hands, either take the $65 bid or leave. 

This is where Boehner and the other Republicans can learn something from The Old Man.  The Democrats are shooting an inflated bid for the current budget which essentially is pure junk.  We know the budget is full of junk when you consider this: the number one place with the highest wages for workers ages 25 to 35 years of age…Washington D.C.  If you want a good paying job with great benefits, go to D.C. where you can get a great paying taxpayer funded government job.  The money in the country is being centralized around the government as opposed to the private sector.

 To date the Republicans have been taking the bids from the Democrats, letting the shady customer set the rules.  It is time Boehner take the reigns of this debate.  He and the Republicans have promised $60 billion in cuts on the 2011 budget and $100 billion on the 2012 budget and this should be a line in the sand and not a point of negotiation. 

The Democrats are already demagoguing this issue, with Sen. Schumer instructing other Democrats to call the Tea Party extremist and now claiming 70,000 children will drop dead if the Republicans get the cuts they want.  I believe the latest story the Democrats are coming out with is, if the Republicans get their budget cuts fire will rain down from the sky and the earth will be hurled into the sun.

No matter what lie the Democrat leadership trots out next, Boehner and his bartering deputies have to stand their ground and act like the Old Man.  Either your going to stand your ground for the country, as the Old Man does for his business, or Boehner can cave and be Chumlee the village idiot.

Village Idiot

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