By - April 15, 2011

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say

President Obama finally decided to get into the deficit conversation and as we all now know, Obama took a vicious turn.

In the face of a more than mounting debt, Paul Ryan turned out a comprehensive deficit controlling budget.  Ryan’s plan isn’t perfect and needs further work but it’s a start in the right direction. 

Obama’s plan: tax increases, demagoguing, and lots of fairy dust.

It is clear, Obama’s plan for deficit control is to slander any effort put forth by conservative Republicans (Obama seems to like Boehner’s idea of deficit control…say your cutting a large amount and hope nobody notices you’ve barely done anything).  In the President’s address to the nation, supposedly to lay out his own deficit control ideas, he licentiously attacked Rep. Ryan’s budget plan, declaring the plan will all but kill the elderly and the autistic and Downs syndrome children in favor of the wealthy.  It would be far beyond Obama to actually say Ryan’s plan might help cut down on fraud and abuse of the system (like being able to get Sexual Reassignment Surgery on Medicaid), by letting the states handle the needy in their own states as opposed to the Feds throwing OUR money at every problem.

The Bush era tax cuts Obama said were important to keep the economic wheels rolling, back in December 2010 are now equivalent to satan.

In fairness Obama’s plan to reduce the deficit will, according to Obama, reduce the deficit by 4 trillion dollars.  How?  Well, that is where the fairy dust comes in.  The President didn’t really lay out any details, other than to tax the top 2 percent of wage earners.  The Bush tax rates give about $3.7 trillion back to the tax payers, so naturally a person would see where taxing the rich would help the Dept. of Revenue.  One problem!  The top 2 percent of wage earners only account for $700 billion of the $3.7 trillion.  Everybody knows including Obama, the money is in the middle-class, so will Obama tax everyone or just continue to perpetuate class warfare?  Answer: He will do both!

The President proposes the same worn out “tax the rich” ideas once again, the day before the announcement of an increasing unemployment figure.  The same day it was announced, the percentage of people actually working is the lowest since 1983, with only 45.4% of Americans actually working.  That’s timing!

Welcome to Campaign 2012 for Obama!  No fact is too good to lie about and no proposal has any substance with meaning.  Hope and Change is now Fear and Doom.

I do Fear the Doom of another 4 years of this administration.

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