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Jon Stewart’s Relevant Journey to Funnyville

Jon Stewart Journey to FunnyvilleJon Stewart and the Scarecrow

Jon Stewart Journeys to Funnyville

History is full of inspirational and challenging journeys that have provided man with great wealth, knowledge, and power.  Listed below are some you may recognize.

-Odysseus’s Odyssey 1178 BC

-Spain’s search for El Dorado 1542

-Lewis & Clark’s journey across the uncharted territories of the United States of America 1804

-Indiana Jones’ s search for the Holy Grail 1939

-Man landing on the moon 1969

-Hawaii’s search for Obama’s birth certificate 2008–??

-Charlie Sheen’s “Torpedo of Truth Tour” 2011

-Crazy Joe Biden making bad political quotes:  The last 40 years

-The search for Spock Stardate 8210.3

In the Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow was on a journey down the yellow brick road in the hopes of finding a brain.  It is a path and goal that I wish more politicians would make.  The President announced this week he too is on a  quest.  The quest to be re-elected.  One he will accomplish, I might add.  (Fellow Columnist Wayne, good or bad, has been arguing with me for two years, but is starting to agree with me on this) The Jon Stewart  take on it was priceless.  I have never seen so much relevancy wrapped up in a 2 1/2 minute video.

Jon Stewart has a body of work as a political satirist and comedian have always been a little suspect to me.

Jon Stewart has usually seemed about as politically unbiased as Katie Couric.

I watched him host the Oscars and thought they could prop up Bob Hope’s carcass and I would probably laugh a little more.  (Everyone pales to a live Bob Hope by the way!)  Jon is best known as a liberal cheerleader who throws many softball questions when his political allies join his show and suddenly becomes a serious journalist when anyone from the right is on his show.

I admit to suffering through dozens of his shows.  He has a ton of comedy writers who feed him his lines, yet I have come to this conclusion:  His humor on his show is basically making more funny faces than a fat camp group picture. Jon Stewart apologists always write how funny and smart he is, blah blah blah…

Maybe I didn’t see it before, but the video attached below has convinced me he is either a genius or really stupid (I have to remember, even a broken clock is correct twice a day).  As evidence, I submit the following video:


Now, I am on his wagon and I think Jon Stewart is as funny as the Westboro Baptist Church bus catching fire on its way to protesting a military funeral.

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