By - April 7, 2011

Obama And Reid To Starve Soldiers

A Government Shutdown looms and the Democrats are latching onto this as hard as possible. First the Dems claim 70,000 children will drop dead right in front of us, then Nancy Pelosi claims 6 million elderly will go hungry with the Republican budget cuts (problem is only 2.6 million seniors receive government meals).  As the shutdown hangs over America the Democrats will stop at no lie to legitimize their spending spree.

The worst of all of this is not the lies from various Democrats.  The worst is the truth.

President Obama and Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid have sworn to kill a Republican stop gap measure designed to solely continue paying our military members.  This will not be the first government shutdown, but this will be the first time the military will not get paid during a shutdown. During the Reagan administration the government was shut down twice and during the Clinton administration the government was shut down once, both President’s signed stop gap measures to make sure the military was paid during the shutdown.

I have suggested before that Obama is not a fan of the military as he found it easier to cut the military by 25% then to cut anywhere else.  Obama finds it easy to fund his friends in the Unions as he has given them billions of tax payers dollars but will withhold military pay. Harry Reid is the senator who stated during the Iraq surge “The Iraq War is lost”, so I am not surprised he will take food out of the mouths of our soldiers.

Democrats will tell you the elderly will not be getting their Social Security checks and they will have to eat dog food, which will be a lie because Social Security checks will go out on time throughout the shutdown.

While the Dems lie about people starving, Obama and Reid are starving the young wives and little children of our military members who are in a far away land keeping us safe.

All the lies the Democrats tell pales in comparison to the truth….while Obama eats gourmet meals funded by the taxpayer, he is starving the families of military members.

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