By - April 15, 2011

Philly’s Answer To Stud Farming

My lovely fiancee’ likes to read the “Dear Annie” articles to me, I believe for the sole purpose of watching me wince in pain from the knowledge  there are people out there that really submit these questions.  What really scares me is that these people vote and worse yet…breed.

Philadelphia must be overrun with Dear Annie Submittees (a new word made up by me), as the Philadelphia Department of Health has started a new campaign to hand out condoms free to children ages 11 to 19.  According to the City Health Commissioner Donald Schwarz, 25% of 11 years olds are already active in this area.  The 11 year olds I know, would rather play with the joystick on their Playstation than- well you know.

I don’t know which to be more outraged at: the fact the city is handing out condoms to children, or that Philly is so steeped in debauchery that 11 year olds are sexually active.  Next thing you know, the only foreign language they will start teaching in the public schools will be Hindi- that way the kids will be able to read the Karma Sutra.  Thank God, or Ganesh, they have pictures in that book to assist Philly’s 22% illiteracy rate.  If that isn’t bad enough the Health Department gives these youngsters a version of  “101 ways” for those children looking to be a little more creative (but with condoms not procreative), depending on what your lady likes, as well as video-graphics of the male member and other things.

The debate will rage on.  Are we still witnessing the Bill Clinton effect? As far as we know he didn’t go to home base with Monica Lewinsky, plus he was an adult.  Who should do the sex ed teaching?  The parents, the teachers, HBO, Cinemax, or Hugh Hefner?  Whatever side of the debate you are on, sexually active 11 year olds is not the way a society can grow and prosper. Philadelphia, like every liberal bastion in the USA will tell you they didn’t have a choice . Right, just like Michael Moore said he didn’t know eating two large pizzas in a single sitting would make him fat.

Last month Romania featured the worlds youngest grandmother at the age of 23.  Her daughter gave birth at 12.  Make a mother proud doesn’t it?

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