By - April 25, 2011

Pockets Empty From Gas Prices? Not To Worry We Have Obama!?

We are all feeling the pain, of gas prices.  With gas sky-rocketing toward and beyond $4/gallon, pocketbooks are a lot lighter.

Do not worry, the election cycle has begun.

Barack Obama hears your cries and is leaping into action…..by forming another commission to study the issue.

Yes!  When there is an issue that is troubling America, President Obama boldly goes where, well, everyone can easily go.  Form a commission to thoroughly study the issue, then formulate a plan to alleviate the problem, only to have to plan totally ignored by the President.

That was the plan for the debt commission.  Form the commission, to make it look like you care about the issue,  have them issue an idea to resolve the problem, then ignore the findings and then continue to spend America blind.  That was until Paul Ryan decided to use the debt commission’s recommendations in his plan, then President Obama decided to demonize the very plan he commissioned to be formulated.

What are we to expect from the latest declaration that Obama has yet again formed a commission to study the gas price problem?  Probably the same result, except worse.

The gas commission will likely find the prices are mostly controlled by OPEC.  OPEC stands to profit largely if world wide fuel supplies are controlled by the member nations of OPEC.  Wouldn’t OPEC stand to profit then if environmentalist in America get their way, by restricting our own ability to drill for oil domestically?  Yes they would, and it would seem Obama and the environmentalists are doing OPEC that favor.  Obama continues to limit drilling permits offshore and continues to buy up lands which have been proven to contain vast amounts of shale oil.  It is believed that America contains more domestic oil, that is tied up by the government, than Saudi Arabia contains.  With the environmentalist and Obama in charge those vast reserves will continue to be locked up.

Who is OPEC?  Largely OPEC is Saudi Arabia.  Individuals from Saudi Arabia  contributed to President Obama’s 2008 campaign, and can easily contribute to his current campaign, and Obama may need the Saudi money as he is trying to raise $1 billion for his 2012 re-election campaign.  Remember, it was the Obama administration that gave Brazil $2 billion toward their offshore oil exploration, while at the same time they were shutting America’s offshore drilling down.  It is not so hard to believe in a little Quid-Pro-Quo with Saudi Arabia when combined with the other evidence.  Those Saudi oil Barron’s should get their moneys worth.

America needs an Action Hero right now to help with the gas problems.  This will likely send us into a double dip recession.  Is Obama the action hero we need right now?  No! There has never been any action from this President, but he does make a good Talk Hero…..he’s all Talk!

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