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Racism and Color Blindness, Black Panther Style

Racism and Color Blindness, Black Panther Style

Racism and Color Blindness, Black Panther Style

The 2008 election of Barack Hussein Obama was a nail in the coffin of racism in America.  Many white American’s overcome with guilt from a wrong – probably not even committed by their ancestral tree-voted to prove they were not racist.  If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you are not a racist… you will have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot.

To help these guilt laden Caucasian voters, members of the New Black Panthers lent their billy clubs of racism to help in Philadelphia by intimidating any white voters thinking of voting for anybody other than Obama.

Now, well into our post-racial presidential period of America the New Black Panther party, in order to show their big tent ability and all inclusive ideology of no racism are going to boycott all non-black businesses.  That means a few less fortune cookies will be consumed, the daily special of fajitas will be readily available at your local Mexican restaurant and trouble with spaghetti and meatball special?  Forget about it.

The boycott referred to as “National Day of Action and Unity” (What? I must have missed the “unity” part of this anti-white protest about racism) is to take place this Saturday,  April 23rd.   The New Black Panthers explain their inclusive sense of unity:

“This is organized by a new younger leadership un-approved by our former slave or colonial master.”

“We will rattle the enemy and those who are asleep to show and prove the world we are wide-awake!”  (I would have picked a Saturday other than the one sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter.  A lot of white farmers have Ham that is going to be consumed by everybody this weekend!  Especially those of us who suffered through Lent!) Perhaps Kwanzaa would have been a better holiday to pick!

Racism Barack Obama Style

What will the financial impact of the racism boycott actually amount to?

Other than a few less Kenny G cd’s will be sold, not much.  It is in the intended action and not the deed.  The racial weapon used by Left-Wing, against the Republicans, was very effective the last time around in the election, regardless that the Republican message was geared towards how bad Obama’s policies would be for America.  We were sold on the idea that jobs would rain down from the heavens and  the “biracial angel savior” would work hard to breakdown all color barriers by his words and deed.  Clearly, the leaders of the Black Panthers are an example of the new civility of the anti racism President has asked for.

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  1. CoCoJo says:

    5pm est – Still waiting……
    What if you threw a revolution and no one came?

  2. Michael says:

    The whole point of the process is to make sure wall setert gets the rest of everyone’s retirement money that they haven’t stolen yet.The one big chunk of American money that they haven’t gotten their hands on yet is the Soc. Security trust fund. You saw this with health care. The way Obama wouldn’t lead. Because he knows his base will hate where this is going, and he sure doesn’t want to be out front. So you see the same posture of getting out of the way and letting wall setert get what they want. You sure as heck won’t see Obama out leading the charge to protect Americans.Look at who the two chairs are. You get a nasty, awful Republican who’s always wanted to privatize’ social security. And the Democrat’ on the panel for balance’ is an investment banker.So, you know where this is going. And Alan Simpson just delivered the message that democracy and what the people want has no place in Obama’s process.

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