By - April 29, 2011

Superman Revokes His Citizenship??

Being a Big Superman nerd, when I heard that Superman revoked his American citizenship in the latest Action Comic, I paused.  Would the writers of Superman, some of whom tend toward center left, actually have Superman turn his back on America?  Would the left have Superman be as anti-American as they are?

The article that hit the Drudge Report, goes on to cite the comics dialogue that has Superman in conversation with one of the President’s (Obama) national security advisers.  The President and the national security adviser are incensed at Superman for inserting himself in a protest in Tehran.  Tehran is mad at America because they see Superman as speaking for America.  President Obama would be the only President narcissistic enough to get mad at the Man of Steel for doing the job the President should have done himself.  The answer to that: Superman will renounce his citizenship so he can’t be confused as speaking for America.

As I read the article I saw a frustrated view, perhaps viewed through my own tinted glasses.  In the real world there have been protest in Tehran, to which many protesters lost their lives voicing their opinions.  In the comic the same thing was happening, Ahmadinejad was, in reality and the comic, finding those that lead the protest and tourchering then killing them.  In another similarity Obama did nothing to help the protesters.  The difference between the comic world and reality is the comic world has Superman to go in and act when Obama refuses to.  Were the comic writers frustrated by Obama’s inaction as well?

When faced by Marine snipers who were pointing their Kryptonite loaded guns at Superman, he decided to revoke his American citizenship so no other despote leader would think he speaks for Obama.

So Obama, who has chased away many American business, has also now chased away America’s greatest superhero.

In the upcoming election cycle, Obama has a great number of accomplishments to boast about, from ruining the economy (which posted a GDP of 1.8% in the last quarter), US confidence plunges, jobless claims continue to rise, chasing American business overseas, and now chasing Superman away.


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  1. Jim says:

    Is Obama made of Kryptonite and nobody told me?

  2. dre says:

    What’s funny about all this is that Superman was created by a Canadian. Maybe he’ll repatriate.

  3. Skip Chatterson says:

    That is partially true. Superman’s first artist, Joe Shuster was Canadian born, but a citizen of the US while the writer, Jerry Siegel was American. Both boys were Jewish teenagers living in Cleveland Ohio when they first dreamed up the idea of Superman.

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