By - May 12, 2011

No Newt For Now

Dear Matty,
I am a big fan of Newt Gingrich. Do you think he will ever run for the President of the United States? And if he does, what are his chances?

Mr. Wilson, Portland

Dear Mr. Wilson,
This is a question that the Pundits at the Red State Report have been debating for some time. The opinions are varied amongst the group, but the only one that matters here is mine. Your question reminds me of a time when Matty was traveling through the TSA line at O’Hare with a framed picture. After it went through the scanners it came out broken. After a few minutes of discussing the situation with a TSA official, he convinced me that it was only damaged and not broken. That is my take on Speaker Gingrich. He is damaged but not broken.

There is no doubt that Newt possesses a brilliant historical mind and his Contract With America was a large factor driving the Republican takeover in 1994. That said, some people never forget and the media will love to remind us about Speaker Gingrich’s other accomplishments– 22 bounced checks, his $300,000 in fines for ethic violations, a forced resignation from the speakership.  Don’t forget the cover of Newsweek magazine where he appeared as title character of “How the Gingrich stole Christmas”. I might also throw in a few ex-wives that did not speak too highly of Newt.

Americans are a forgiving bunch of people. Conservatives…not so much. Newt applied his own nail when he endorsed Dede Scozzafava over Doug Hoffman in the hotly contested primary for the NY-23 congressional district in November. Newt also did a series of PSA’s with Nancy Pelosi promoting the Alliance for Climate Protection, founded by Al Gore, and the ContractWithTheEarth. Both groups focus on how we can come together to find solutions for problems caused by climate change. Personally, I am still waiting for Mother Nature to show up and sign her side of the agreement.

Right now, in a Republican primary, Newt has all the sex appeal of a school bus fire. He is still remembered fondly for keeping Clinton in line and he frequently offers great insight as a FOX News contributor. If you ask Matty, and you already did, Newt’s better off talking about politics than participating in them. Do as I say, not as I do definitely applies in this case.

Most sincerely,

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