By - June 16, 2011

Unemployment:Laughing Matter To Obama

The joke heard round the world, that fell flat!  Obama can officially say he has tried comedy and much like his stimulus plan, it failed.

By now we have all heard the quote by the President:

“Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.”  To that the Council, led by GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, erupted in laughter.

Obviously the current job market is a joke to Obama and his financial team, but what are Obama’s plans to improve the job market?  If you listen to the President you will hear the bold-faced lie, that Obama’s administration has created 2 million new jobs.  Unfortunately for the President, the true results were being released at the same time he is making that claim.  The truth is that since the Stimulus was enacted 1.9 million jobs were lost.

But don’t worry, Obama has a plan…The Green Economy.  I have written about this before, but with new revelations I have to update.

1)  Electric Cars:  Producing these cars is a true advantage for China.  China is currently the only country that manufactures the batteries necessary to run these cars.  But they are good for Global Warming, right?  If you are brainless enough to believe that claptrap then here are the CO2 facts.  From production to destruction the electric car has no CO2 emission advantage over the regular combustion engine.  The shear toxicity of producing the battery for the electric car brings it’s CO2 emissions in line with the normal gas guzzler.  It gets worse.  The electric car usually needs to replace the battery after a couple of years of use, add that into the mix and the electric car spews almost twice as much CO2 than my Chevy Tahoe.  I know the Greenies won’t care because the toxic waste is produced in China; out of sight out of mind.

2)  Wind Energy:  The wind will save us.  Well again this is an advantage for China.  The powerful magnet used for the wind turbines has to be made in China.  Once the turbine is up and running isn’t it the cheapest form of energy?  No, actually hydroelectric is the cheapest, but as a friend of mine, who works for the Army Corps of Engineers, told me the Corps can’t sell their electricity anymore.  The Obama administration has made it mandatory that wind energy has the first right of sell.  One thing that is never mentioned when discussing the fesibility of wind power is the maintance cost.  What happens when a wind farm gets hit by a tornado, or when a turbine isn’t maintained properly?  See enclosed picture to see the results.  This increases the energy cost dramatically, even though this industry is subsidized by the government.

  Obama has literally made it impossible to purchase cheap energy which will unnecessarily increase electric rates for everybody including the 1.9 million jobless people, who can not afford any increased living cost.

Doesn’t Obama have any other plans to improve the job situation?  Well, in the realm of energy production, Obama is currently causing job losses in the area of coal production.  The Obama administration is making it nearly impossible to mine coal.  The coal mining industry is finding an oppressive amount of regulation being heaped upon its industry.  Other than not allowing any new permits to mine coal, the Obama administration is placing such heavy regulations on the coal industry it will not pay to keep up with it.  In short this means the shut down of the coal mining industry, adding thousands more jobless people to the already increasing unemployment roles.  Coal is currently responsible for 45% of the energy production in this country.  How are we going to keep the lights on when we are forced to purchase all our electricity from the unreliable wind turbines (no wind, no energy).

Obama’s plan for jobs is a bigger joke than his own joke about the unemployed.

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